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U-Shape Hook Hugs Tank for Fill

When I filled my spray tank, the hose would often fall out and then squirt all over the equipment. To remedy that situation, I made a U-shape hook out of copper pipe and attached that to a short section of old garden hose. Now I can go do something else while the tank is filling.

Easy Wire Fencing Unwinding

I made this high-tensile wire unwinder from two disk opener blades, some square tubing, flat stock, bolts, and springs. It is lighter, sturdier, and less expensive than commercial units. Adjust the tension by tightening the center bolt locknut. To change spools, simply turn the tabs inward or loosen the four bolts slightly to slide them in or out for different size rolls.
Fence wire handler

Expanded Cattle Guard Crossing

The cattle guard on one side of my farm is too narrow for today’s farm equipment, so I buried a 2⅞-inch ID pipe to one side of the guard. When it’s time to harvest crops, I put a 2⅞-inch OD pipe in the buried pipe, put up the wires, and turn the cows in. The cover (plug) I made keeps dirt out of the buried pipe. The larger opening also keeps heavy harvest loads off the cattle guard. I did weld some anchors to the buried pipe. 
Cattle guard modified

Farmer-Made Drill Bit Carousel

On All Around the Farm, the crew heads to Roger Johnson’s farm to see his drill bit carousel. This carousel makes quick-access to a variety of bits.

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A birds eye view of a no-till soybean field. Evaluate residue size in fields this fall.

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