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UTV bucket saddlebags

Since we made these saddlebags for our side-by-side, it’s been much easier to grab the calf feed buckets because they’re lower to the ground — and the bed space stays open. Ours are made of rebar, but other material would work.
Rack for feed buckets on UTV

Save time on small fills

When we calibrate the planter or crop sprayer and need only a small amount of fill to finish around the yard, we no longer have to get out the larger water truck. Instead, we go to a water hydrant. A banjo coupler connects easily as an adapter from the garden hose to the 2-inch hose fitting on the planter or sprayer.
Banjo water supply hookup

Make inexpensive trays for disinfectant

In a pig herd, proper disinfection is very important, especially if there’s an outbreak of PRRS, PED, or other disease. These measures include cleaning the soles of work boots. The bottom cut from a plastic 50-gallon drum leaves a bowl-like plate that will hold any kind of disinfectant and water.
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Headliner repair instead of replacement

The headliner in my tractor separated from its cardboard backing and started to droop down on my head. Rather than remove and try gluing or replacing it with a new one, I made an easy fix.
Headliner repair

Add a handle to a mineral feeder

The shape of poly mineral feeders keeps cattle from turning them over, but it also makes them hard to move by hand, so I added a handle to the top. Remove the bolt holding the rubber top in place. Weld a short piece of 1×2-inch steel tubing onto the head, and weld a 4-inch U-bolt to the tubing.
Mineral feeder handle

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