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Keep grain bin sump unplugged

I used old wire corncrib sheets to make grates for my grain bin sumps. The pieces are cut and bent then braced with a piece of rebar along the bottom of each end. They're long enough to cover well past the sump
Grain bin grate, Sept 2020 AATF

Give calves individual stalls

To make it easier for my kids to feed bottle calves, I assembled wooden pallets spaced 15 inches apart that are held together by 24s across the top and front. When the calves come into the stalls, I slide another 24 behind them through the pallets, so they don’t back out.
Pallette calf feeder, Sept 2020 AATF

Hoses stay free of wear

I had problems with cornstalks rubbing through the hose on the fertilizer toolbar on my planter. So I pushed the hose through a spring that has a little bigger inside diameter than the hose’s outside diameter. Now the spring acts like a flexible armor for the hose; the stalks rub on the metal spring, which saves my hoses.
Spring fits over hose July 2020 AATF

Protect nozzle from the elements

This length of 1.5-inch ID PVC pipe with a glued-on cap has a screw on the side to maintain the weight of the hose. The nozzle hooks onto the ring I added at the end of the chain.  
Gas nozzle cover, July 2020 AATF

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