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New storage in small grain bin

My small grain bins are too small to store grain in, but they are the perfect place to keep tires, rarely used parts, and other items that need protection from moisture and rodents. I seal up the cracks in the floor with a concrete filler, p
Grain bin repurpose April 2020

Handy harrow carrier

After hand-seeding a narrow strip of wheat the grain drill missed between passes, I needed a way to transport a harrow section on my ATV without damaging the existing crop. Using steel 1-inch angle iron and 2-inch tubing, I welded up a cradle for the harrow to ride in for transport. The
Harrow carrier for ATV, April 2020

Asphalt sealer applicator

DIY applicator covers 8,000 square feet of asphalt in 90 minutes and saves a whole lot of money in the process.
Roger's sealer applicator, March '20 IOM

Boom-height indicator

A throttle body from a car and a simple digital voltage meter combine to give sprayer boom-height readings in the cab.
Illustrations of Feb 2020 IOM

Driver for electric fence posts is helpful

I welded a steel cap and handle onto one end of a section of light-duty 1¼-inch angle iron and a footstep onto the other end. This lets me just use my body weight on the step to drive electric fence posts into the ground.
Fence post driver from Mar '20 AATF

Old treadmill prevents problems before planting

With the front bar off an old treadmill, I can check my planter’s seed rate. Seed drops between the disks while the back drive wheel is powered by the treadmill. It’s a great way to check if the plate is too large, which makes it double up seed.

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Agronomy Tip: Apply Fungicide to Ensure Stalk Quality

A Class combine harvests corn. Ensure stalk quality and yield by prioritizing a fungicide application.

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