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5 Shop Projects for #NoPlant19

Staying busy and focusing on what you can do rather than circumstances out of your control can be helpful during this stressful season.
A pile of nuts, bolts, and screws.

From Floater Tire to Mineral Feeder

I’ve started salvaging old floater tires to use as mineral feeders. They’re wide and heavy enough to stand up without falling over, though I do position them perpendicular to prevailing winds.
Mineral Feeder Made From Floater Tire

Shop-Modified Planter for Lid Storage

I designed a rack to hold all four seed tender hopper cover lids. It bolts to the side of the seed tender. I used to leave them behind or throw them in the pickup bed.
Lid Rack on Planter

Farmer-Designed Planter Wheel Storage

When the bearings in a closing or gauge wheel go, I switch the broken wheel for a new one in five minutes and replace the bearings in the shop the next day. This ends up saving me an hour of downtime.
Planter wheel storage

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