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Arctic Cat reveals ATV and UTV models for 2023

Arctic Cat has introduced new ATVs and UTVs for the 2023 model year, with GPS integration from Garmin. 

“Arctic Cat is building on the momentum of our Model Year 2022 lineup that included the introduction of the all-new Alterra 600 ATV and state-of-the-art GPS integration with Garmin,” says Heidi McNary, vice president and general manager of powersports for Textron. “Model Year 2023 offers more targeted models developed to conquer unique terrains, continuing to show our commitment to the industry and giving off-road enthusiasts more opportunities to share the ride.”

Alterra 600 ATV

The Arctic Cat Alterra 600 in lime green.
Photo credit: Arctic Cat

The 2022 Alterra 600 ATV featured a new 600cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine, offering up to 45 HP. It featured a new drivetrain, and chassis with a lower center of gravity compared to previous model years. Its steering geometry was redesigned for more agility, and an electronic switch allowed it to switch between 4WD and 2WD. These ATVs have a 515 pound capacity, with a 1,050 pound towing capacity on a standard 2 inch receiver. 

The model year 2023 Alterra 600 ATVs brings back these updates, as well as some model-specific enhancements. 

The 2-Up model features a longer wheelbase to accommodate a passenger. The Mud Pro model has a relocated radiator on top of the front rack, and snorkels to keep mud out of the engine. It also has 28-inch mud tires with selectable locking front differential designed to increase traction on rough terrains. 

The Black Hills Edition model also has the 28-inch tires with selectable locking front differential, as well as high clearance control arms and a lower gear ratio transaxle for driving on trails. 

Prowler Pro UTV

The Arctic Cat Prowler Pro UTV in orange, with two farmers loading equipment into the back.
Photo credit: Arctic Cat

The Arctic Cat Prowler Pro has a 50 HP, 812cc EFI engine designed for smooth driving when towing and hauling workloads. The 2022 editions introduced a new suspension system with up to 13 inches of ground clearance, as well as new half-shafts to match the revised suspension and new CVTech clutch. The engine cooling system was also updated to reduce fan run time and enhance engine performance. 

The standard model has space for three passengers, while the Crew model can fit up to six. The Prowler Pro models have 1,500 pounds of total cab capacity, with 1,000 pound carrying capacity in the bed, and 2,000 pounds of towing capacity. 

The 2023 version of the Prowler Pro and Prowler crew are available in three models. The EPS edition comes stock with all the previously mentioned capabilities. The XT model has a premium bumper, Warn winch, and LED-accented front lights. The LTD model has premium seats, a 4,500 pound Warn winch, LED-accented front lights, and an overhead storage console. 

Garmin integration

The Garmin Tread Navigator mounted to the Alterra 600 ATV.
Photo credit: Arctic Cat

The Garmin TREAD Navigator can be seamlessly integrated into Arctic Cat’s Prowler Pro UTVs and Alterra 600 ATVs. The GPS features a bright, 5.5-inch display designed with IPX-7 rated water-resistance, and built to U.S. military standard 810 for thermal and shock resistance.

A group ride feature allows the user to share their ride with a group, via tracking from the Tread or a compatible smartphone. It also features turn-by-turn navigation for unpaved roads and trails, with preloaded topographic and street maps of North America. Additionally, users can download high-resolution BirdsEye Satellite Imagery via Wi-Fi connection.

Price and availability

The 2023 Alterra 600 ATVs start at $9,199 for the base model, with the Mud Pro and Black Hills Edition both starting at $11,599. 

The Prowler Pro EPS model starts at $15,499, and the Prowler Pro Crew model starts at $16,999.

All are available to order now. For more information, visit

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