Bobcat Introduces Two Enhanced UTVs

Bobcat has announced two new diesel UTVs for the 2019 model year. The UV34 and UV34XL feature a number of enhanced features including an upgraded suspension, higher towing capacity, and new chassis to make work more comfortable and efficient for farmers.

“We’re really excited about these new vehicles. They are new from the ground up,” says UTV product specialist Chris Austinson.

Farmwork Ready

Bobcat had the lifestyle of farmers in mind when designing these new machines.

“From a farmer and a rancher standpoint, those guys are always working. They don’t want to think about what their utility vehicle can do or what it can’t do. They just want to get in it and know it is going to work and do the job they bought it for,” explains Austinson.

He notes the chassis has been redesigned. The one-piece steel frame is rigid and durable.

Both vehicles have an enhanced suspension system, as well. “It’s all independent, so it gives you a great ride but still gives you great capability from the machine,” Austinson says.

The cargo box of both the UV34 and UV34XL can carry up to 1,250 pounds. The bed is 43½ inches long and 54 inches wide, so it can accommodate most pallets. A tiedown point in each corner of the bed gives operators a way to secure unstable loads. Manual bed lift is standard equipment. A host of box accessories can help farmers optimize and organize the bed to suit their needs.

“We use an all-composite box on our machines. We do that for a couple reasons,” says Austinson. “It really helps to keep the vehicle quieter. You don’t have that resonation that you get with metal boxes. Even the best of them will still resonate a little bit. You’ll hear frequencies, noise coming off from those boxes.”

Composite also will stand up to corrosive chemicals farmers may be hauling. It will take use and abuse without denting or bending, Austinson adds.

Both models are equipped with a 2-inch receiver hitch. Towing capacity is 2,500 pounds.

Interior Experience

“On the interior of the machine, we opened that up and made it a little bit larger. We gave everybody a little more room and enhanced the features in there,” Austinson adds.

The UV34 has room for an operator and two passengers. The UV34XL seats five passengers and an operator. All seats have three-point, retractable seatbelts.

“We opened up the storage area under the seat now so you can carry larger oversized items; items that you don’t want to put in the box because they may be expensive or get damaged back there. They are a little more contained and out of the elements, especially if you have a cab on your vehicle,” Austinson explains.


He notes serviceability is a key factor in the design process at Bobcat. Based on customer feedback, the company improved a few features to make maintaining a Bobcat UTV easier and more affordable for busy farmers.

“Specifically, we really put a lot of effort and design into our belt-drive system to make that robust. It takes the use that operators put toward it day in and day out with great durability,” Austinson points out.

To cut down daily service times, nearly all the grease points on the machine have been eliminated. The oil check for the engine has been relocated. Now, you don’t have to empty the cargo box and lift it to check the oil level. The new machines can also go longer between oil changes compared with previous models.

“We went up to 200 hours after the initial 50-hour change, which is double what we were at previously. That’s real dollars in the pockets of farmers and ranchers. They don’t need to change the oil every 100 hours now. They can extend that up to 200 hours,” Austinson points out.

Additional Specifications

The 23.5-hp. engine used in the UV34 and UV34XL is the same engine that has been used in Bobcat mini track loaders for years. Top speed for these UTVs is 35 mph. In reverse, the machine can go up to 16 mph. Power steering and a tilt steering wheel are standard equipment.

Both models are 62 inches wide and 76 inches tall.

The UV34 is 123 inches long and has a turning radius of 9.2 feet. Total vehicle rated capacity is 1,900 pounds.


The larger UV34XL is 155 inches long. Its turning radius is 12.8 feet. This vehicle has a total rated capacity of 2,075 pounds.

Price and Availability

The new UV34 and UV34XL are built in Alabama in partnership with Polaris.

These UTVs are available now through Bobcat dealers nationwide. Talk to your local dealer for pricing information. Learn more at

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