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Can-Am Announces Updates for 2019 Outlander and Defender Models

Can-Am has updated both its Outlander XT ATV and Defender XT UTV for the 2019 model year. Both vehicles have been designed to help farmers and ranchers transport the tools and cargo they need to be more efficient around their operations.

Outlander XT ATV

Most notably, the 2019 Outlander XT has a brand-new suspension that boasts better handling, improved stability, and more comfort.

“The suspension and handling is completely different,” says Andrew Howard, media relations for Can-Am. “You’ve got different sway bars and the arched A-arms of the machine are a little bit wider, then on the back you’ve got independent suspension.”

The newest Outlander XT also has increased towing capacity of 1,650 pounds.

Other restyled features include a redesigned front grille, more wheel packages, and new mudguards.

Aluminum corners on the bumper of the machine have also been upgraded. “In the past it used to have some plastic edges to it, so this is all new,” explains Howard.

Howard points out that Can-Am did not change how accessories attach to the vehicle, so older accessories may still work with a new vehicle if a customer chooses to upgrade.

New color options are available for the 2019 Outlander XT as well. Black and Can-Am Red or Intense Red are available for the 650, 850, and 1000R. The 650 and 850 can also be ordered in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.

Natalina Sents

Other Specifications

The Outlander XT has a wheelbase of 51 inches and a ground clearance of 11 inches. The seat is 34.5 inches high.

In addition to the towing capacity, this ATV has onboard storage to carry small tools and other accessories. The rear cubby offers 5.7 gallons of storage. The front rack has a capacity of 100 pounds, while the rear rack can handle 200 pounds.

Fuel capacity of the 2019 Outlander XT is 5.4 gallons.

For additional protection, the Outlander XT is outfitted with handlebar wind deflectors and mudguards.

A 3,000-pound WARN winch with a roller fairlead comes standard on the front of the vehicle.


The Outlander XT ATV is available in three sizes.

The 650 model is the smallest Outlander Can-Am offers. It is equipped with a liquid cooled, 62-hp. Rotax 649.6-cc V-twin engine. It also has electronic fuel injection.

The next size up is the 850 model. This ATV has a bigger, 78-hp. engine with 854-cc displacement.

The Rotax 976-cc V-twin engine in the 1000R offers 91 hp.

More Affordable

Both the 650 and 850 models will be priced lower for the new model year compared with 2018, without sacrificing performance. Customers can expect to pay $8,399 and $8,999 respectively.

The Outlander comes with a six-month limited warranty. An extended 36-month B.E.S.T. coverage plan is available.

Defender XT UTV

The 2019 Defender XT side-by-side also has increased capabilities designed to make it more useful around the farm and ranch.

Towing capacity has increased by 500 pounds to 2,500 pounds. The vehicle is equipped with a 2-inch hitch receiver.

A new silver color option is also available.

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Work Capacity

This 1,560-pound vehicle has an 83-inch wheelbase that offers 11 inches of ground clearance. A driver and two passengers can safely ride in the Defender XT.

The manual dump cargo box has a capacity of 1,000 pounds. The truck-style tailgate can support up to 250 pounds. Four tie-down points in the bed make it easier to secure loads. Slots in the bed accept 2×4 dividers to help organize the space. Four cutouts in the back of the bed are designed to prevent 5-gallon buckets from tipping over in transport.

More optional accessories can be added to the bed based on customers’ needs.

A 4,500-pound winch with a roller fairlead comes standard on the Defender XT.

It has a fuel capacity of 10.6 gallons.


The Defender XT has an impressive amount of flexible storage options. Under the dash several open-face compartments offer a total of 6 gallons of storage.

“They do sell netting to go across these so things don’t bounce out,” Howard explains.

A 5.6-gallon removable waterproof box snaps under the passenger seat. A similar water-resistant and removable toolbox fits on the dash instead of a glovebox.

Howard says, “You can add more boxes to the center and the driver’s seat if you buy more. Guys can have all the medicine they need in one if they are calving. They could have fencing tools in another one. You could have them all ready with whatever you need in the shed, grab the right one for the job, and away you go.”

Behind the steering wheel an additional compartment with a lid offers a handy place to stow keys, a phone, or gloves. It has a 2-gallon capacity.

The middle seat folds down to reveal cupholders and armrests.

New Accessory

A new adventure roof rack for the Defender side-by-side has been added for the 2019 model year. It is compatible with both the Defender and Defender MAX vehicles and starts at $499.99.

This accessory helps farmers and ranchers make the most of their time by allowing them to safely haul more tools and supplies. The roof rack has a capacity of 75 pounds and is equipped with mounting points for more lights or a spare tire attachment. A number of optional lights can also be added to the rack, making work in the dark easier.


The Defender XT comes in two engine sizes.

The smaller HD8 is powered by a 50-hp. liquid cooled, V-twin Rotax 799.9-cc engine.

A 72-hp. liquid-cooled, V-twin Rotax 976-cc engine powers the HD10 model.

Both models have Intelligent Throttle Control with electronic fuel injection. They are equipped with electronic hill descent control and can be operated in three modes: ECO, work, and normal.

Dynamic power steering comes standard on the Defender XT.

Price and Availability

The Defender comes with a one-year limited warranty. An extended 30-month B.E.S.T. coverage plan is available.

The Defender XT starts at $15,799.

To learn about the latest Outlander and Defender products from Can-Am, visit their website or talk to your local dealer.

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