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Caterpillar Expands to Offer Crew Size UTVs

Caterpillar has added two crew models to expand the UTV line that the company introduced in 2017. The new gas-powered CUV85 and diesel-powered CUV105D can accommodate a driver and up to four passengers.

Like the two-seat vehicles introduced last year, these new UTVs have a standard steel cargo bed offering 1,000 pounds of capacity. The new UTVs also have the same 2,000-pound towing capacity.


The 0.8L three-cylinder gasoline engine of the CUV85 delivers 50 hp. and a maximum speed of 45 mph. Owners can limit the top speed of the vehicle to 25 mph for other operators using a four-digit pin number.

To comply with safety regulations, the CUV85 has knee doors, shoulder bars, and seatbelts.

Expect to pay $16,799 for this vehicle. Orders can be placed now.


A 1.0L three-cylinder diesel engine powers the CUV105D with 25 hp.

Because of its lower speed capabilities, the diesel machine does not have knee doors or shoulder bars. Instead, hip bars and seat belts keep the operator and passengers inside the vehicle.

The CUV105D starts at $16,299 and can be ordered through participating Caterpillar dealers now.

Other Specifications

The Caterpillar UTVs have a ground clearance of 10.5 inches. They are equipped with a front sway bar and four-wheel independent suspension.

An operator may select from three drive modes, 2WD, 4WD, and 4WD lock, with toggles on the dashboard.

All machines in the Caterpillar UTV line are designed to be easy to maintain. Removeable splash panels allow for access to the air filter, battery, and continuously variable transmission (CVT). The cooling system can be serviced after removing the hood in the front of the machine.

A series of how-to videos have been posted to YouTube by the company. For work that can’t be done at home, see a participating Caterpillar dealer.

A wide range of accessories including doors, windshields, heating and cooling, and lighting are available. Farmers may benefit from adding a front winch, underseat storage, or a rearview mirror.

Learn More

To learn about the first UTVs introduced by Caterpillar in 2017 read Caterpillar Unveils First UTVs. To read an Iowa farmer’s evaluation of the Caterpillar CUV82, read Product Test Team 2018: 3 Farmer Tested Side-By-Side.

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