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Cub Cadet Adds Challenger 400 4×4

Cub Cadet has added a new machine for farmers and ranchers looking for a compact UTV. The new Challenger 400 4×4 is small but strong, ready to take on off-road work or play.

Product Marketing Manager Tom Mielke says, “Utility vehicles really are the Swiss army knife of all possible machines that farmers could have in their fleet in terms of being adaptable for so many different jobs. I think they are increasingly becoming folks’ go-to for just about anything whether it is to check the property, carry people and tools out to work on the property, put on specialized attachments to do jobs, or just at the end of the day take a ride around for fun.”

Product Specifications

The tight 11.5-foot turning radius helps drivers navigate tight spaces. The vehicle weighs 1,090 pounds. At just 50 inches wide, the UTV is small enough to fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck for easy transport.

“We tell people, put it in a pickup truck with a full 8-foot bed. The vehicle should not be resting any of its weight on the tailgate itself. If you put it in an 8-foot bed, you can latch the tailgate and everything. Everything should be all the way in the bed for safety and security,” Mielke explains.

A 14-hp. gasoline engine manufactured by Subaru powers the compact UTV up to 25 mph. Fuel tank capacity is 4.1 gallons.

A gear selector mounted on the floor of the vehicle between the seats allows the driver to shift between park, reverse, neutral, and drive just as they would in a car or truck. This UTV is four-wheel drive.

Front suspension is a dual A-arm, while rear suspension is a swing arm solid axle. The vehicle frame is made of 1.5×2.5-inch steel tubing and reinforced with high-strength low-alloy steel. Heavy-duty coil shocks deliver a smooth ride. Minimum ground clearance is 6.7 inches.

Total payload capacity for the Challenger 400 4×4 is 900 pounds.

The 27×37×12-inch dump cargo bed can haul up to 400 pounds. It is double-walled with a dent-resistant surface. Both horizontal and vertical bed divider slots help users make the most of the space in a way that makes sense for their load. D-ring tie-downs and a flip-down, latchable tailgate help keep cargo secure.

Operators can use either ball mount or pin hitch setups to tow up to 1,200 pounds.

Creature Comforts

The driver and one passenger can safely ride in the cab with three-point seatbelts. A standard hard roof keep everyone shaded and dry.

Both seats come with adjustable headrests. The driver’s seat adjusts forward and backward.

Even though the UTV is small, a number of storage spaces provide a place for tools and electronics. There are two cupholders within the cab. A dash bin can hold larger items.

A 12V in-dash power port keeps essential electronics charged. Operating hours, speed, RPM, and mileage are displayed on a digital display.

Options and Accessories

LED headlights and brake lights are standard, but turn signals are sold separately. When a turning signal package is added, the brake light also becomes a turn signal indicator.

Mirrors and windshields for the vehicle are sold separately.

Farmers and ranchers may be interested in adding a winch or snowblade allowing them to tackle more jobs with this UTV. Optional soft cab doors can also be added.

The Challenger 400 4×4 comes in yellow, but red, blue and camo fenders are an option.

Price and Availability

“The vehicle itself is 100% Cub Cadet design. It was designed in Valley City, Ohio, and it is manufactured at our facility in Martin, Tennessee,” Mielke explains.

The new 400 4×4 is now available through Cub Cadet dealers. Expect to pay $7,499 for this UTV. Cub Cadet offers a one-year limited warranty.

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