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John Deere announces AutoTrac and 2023 updates for Gator UTVs

John Deere has announced its AutoTrac assisted steering system for its line of Gator utility vehicles, as well as some updates to the rest of its model year 2023 line up. 

“John Deere is enabling the productivity gains farmers have seen while using AutoTrac technology on their tractors and integrating it into a smaller, more nimble machine — a Gator utility vehicle,” says Maureen McCormack, go-to-market manager for Gator UTVs for John Deere.

The goal is to make precision agriculture a little more accessible, using the technology to work in smaller fields. Enabling AutoTrac on a UTV allows farmers to get into fields earlier than they would be able to with heavier equipment. 

Deere customers and dealers have been retrofitting Gators with AutoTrac for years, but the solution was cumbersome and messy with wires running all over the UTV, says McCormack. This new factory-installed option hides all the wiring behind the dashboard, with the modem and computing unit hidden under the seat to give the cab a cleaner, sleek look. 

AutoTrac on the UTV

The interior cab of a John Deere Gator UTV with the AutoTrac display system installed.
John Deere

AutoTrac-ready UTVs will be available from the factory and come equipped with the wiring harness and brackets for John Deere technology hardware. Users can order a 4640 display and StarFire 7000 receiver to add to their UTV, or they can repurpose units they already own by transferring it between compatible vehicles. After activating the subscription, farmers can use hands-free steering on their UTV.

The AutoTrac assisted steering system is designed to increase operator productivity and reduce fatigue by maintaining consistent, repeatable accuracy and efficiency as the vehicle moves through the field. 

“Farmers and ranchers can use their AutoTrac equipped Gator Utility Vehicle for precise grid sampling, spraying and field boundary creation,” says McCormack.

Gator model year 2023 updates 

John Deere’s model year 2023 Gators are also receiving some updates. Many of the UTV models are having features that were previously extra incorporated into the base vehicle. For example, side mirrors now come standard on all cab vehicles. 

M-trim vehicles are getting Maxxis BigHorn tires on steel wheels. M- and R-trim models now come with spray-in liner in the cargo box, as well as standard brake and tailights. R-trim models are receiving a cargo box power lift for easier dumping, and Predator Heavy-Duty all-terrain radial tires on alloy wheels. 

Price and availability

The model year 2023 Gator line up is available to order now, and expected to ship sometime early 2023. The AutoTrac-ready option is available on all Gator UTV models, including the Signature Edition models, and are available for an additional cost of around $4,200. For more information, visit

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