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Newest John Deere Gas and Diesel UTVs Now Available

John Deere has introduced two new Gator XUV Models for the 2018 model year. The new 54-hp. gas Gator XUV835, and the 23-hp. diesel Gator XUV865 are available now through John Deere dealerships around the country.

Both vehicles were designed with work and recreation in mind. “The new Gator XUV models combine versatility, durability, and comfort into a machine that provides the ultimate off-road experience in all types of conditions,” says Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager. “It’s a workhorse that can tackle any job.”

Work Capacity

Compared with previous models, these new Gators have an increased payload capacity of 1,500 pounds.

The 16.4-cubic-foot dumping cargo box can handle up to 1,000 pounds of material. An optional electronic lift and protective polyurea liner can be added. More than 20 tie-down points allow users to secure loads of all shapes. A pickup style tailgate also helps keep cargo where it belongs.

Alternatively, the vehicle can be converted to flatbed mode by removing the sides of the cargo box. “We have the best of both worlds. You have your dedicated cargo box size, but you can also take the sides off and haul plywood, fence posts, or whatever the case may be. You have that flexibility,” Brad Yarbrough, product marketing manager for utility vehicles says.

A standard 2-inch receiver allows users to tow up to 2,000 pounds.

A larger 11-gallon fuel tank ensures the vehicle is ready for a full day of work. “We’ve got a bigger tank, so that means all-day run time. Whether it’s around the farm or around their property, they’ve got more fuel to be out there all day long,” explains Yarbrough.

The engines in both the gas and diesel vehicles are the same engine that have been used in previous models of Gators. A continuous variable transmission (CVT) gives operators a full range of speeds from the moment they step on the gas pedal. The CVT system also engages decent control when appropriate.

This vehicle is ready to take on a variety of terrain with over 11 inches of ground clearance and an on-demand true four-wheel-drive system. The four-wheel independent suspension system adds to a comfortable ride and better hauling ability. The dual A-arm front and rear suspension with 7.9 inches and 9.1 inches of travel respectively are especially designed to provide stability with or without cargo.

Comfortable Operation

The new UTVs have improved comfort and convenience with new features such as standard tilt steering and an adjustable driver’s seat. They are the first machines in the company’s UTV line to offer three-wide seating.

To accommodate another person, the gear shift control and differential shifter have been moved to the dash. A digital display shows a system diagnostic light, speed, fuel level, an hour meter, and more.

More than 16 gallons of additional storage is available in the dash, an enclosed glove box, underseat compartments, and cup holders.

XUV835 vs. XUV865

Aside from the obvious differences in horsepower and fuel systems, there are a couple more differences between the two newest Gators.

The XUV835 has a top speed of over 45 mph and 812 cc displacement compared with the top speed of the XUV 865 at 30 mph. The diesel model has 854 cc displacement.

Trim Levels

With the introduction of these two new vehicles, John Deere is transitioning to a new naming convention. A designation of “E,” “M,” or “R” will indicate the power and trim level of features with each XUV unit going forward.

The premium “R” vehicles have a climate-controlled cab and cloth seats. This trim level is equipped with upgraded attachment-ready wiring to make electrical attachments installations quick and easy. The “R” equipped machines have brighter, longer lasting LED headlights compared with the single beam halogen headlights that come standard on “E” and “M.”

Power steering is not available on “E” designated models.

Optional AMS Integration

An optional kit allows farmers to use their Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS) from the Gator, just like any other piece of green equipment.

“You’ve got your receiver on the roof, and you’ve got your screen mounted in the operator’s station, similar to tractors and combines,” explains Yarbrough. “If you’re out soil sampling or mapping your fields with this utility vehicle, you can take that same data and use the same equipment that you’re using on your tractor or your combine.”

This option is compatible with StarFire iTC and 3000 receivers and GS2 1800, GS2 2600, and GS3 2630 displays.

Learn More

The new XUV835 and XUV865 are manufactured in the U.S. The vehicles are for sale now through John Deere dealerships and are available in John Deere green, camouflage, olive, and black. Find your local dealer here.

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