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Polaris Announces 2017 ATV, UTV Lineup 

With 2017 fast approaching, Polaris is announcing its 2017 ATV and UTV lineup. More powerful vehicles, new technology systems and features, and special-edition models are all part of the Polaris 2017 offerings. 

Yesterday, the company voluntarily halted all sales of the MY2016 RZR Turbo vehicles and issued a stop-ride announcement to owners. A potential fire hazard was the reason for the recall. 

Most Powerful Engine in Utility Side-by-Side 

Joining the Polaris RANGER lineup are the RANGER XP 1000 and the CREW XP 1000 vehicles that are equipped with 80-hp. engines – the most powerful in the utility side-by-side market. Both vehicles are ready for hunting, trails, and farm life with available EPS and special-edition models. Find both mud and ranch editions, as well as gas-powered, heated, and air-conditioned models at

Although the new models are available, the full-size RANGER XP 900 equipped with features will now be available for $1,200 less than previous years. The price reduction is available on in-mold base and EPS models, while the standard RANGER XP 900 is being offered at $1,000 less than past years. 

Get Connected with RIDE COMMAND

For tech-friendly riders, Polaris is now offering RIDE COMMAND. This system was created to connect riders to each other and to make riding off-road a more connected experience. Through the RIDE COMMAND app and weatherproof 7-inch display in the vehicle, riders can map out their rides ahead of time. 

Users can share their ride statistics with friends and track others’ locations while even transferring waypoints from the display to the app on their phones via bluetooth. Riders can control receive messages, play music, control their GoPros, and sync up Sena headsets to talk to other riders through the system and mobile app. 

As of now, the system must be ordered specially if the RZR XP 1000 EPS Velocity Blue Limited Edition UTV isn’t purchased. 

A GENERAL Model for the Whole Crew

Following up the November 2015 release of the Polaris GENERAL, a model that will hold four passengers is the latest offering from Polaris called the GENERAL 4 1000 EPS. Two-seat GENERAL models can be enhanced with VersaTrac Turf Mode and a new camouflage paint job in 2017. 

New RZR Offering

A new RZR XP 1000 EPS Gold Matte Metallic Limited Edition model is ready for purchase and is equipped with lots of special features. Besides a metallic paint job, the vehicle comes with a new 55% lower low gear, an Xtreme Performance All-Wheel Drive system, and a turnkey accessory package with trail and rock accessories. 

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