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The John Deere Gator to replace your car

John Deere is launching two new UTVs in 2022. The new XUV835R and XUV865R Signature Edition Gators are designed with enough premium, automotive inspired features to have you considering trading your car in for a UTV.

“At John Deere, ‘Signature Edition’ means top of the line with the best features and upgrades,” says Maureen McCormack, Go-to-Market manager for Gator utility vehicles. 

These new Gators are designed for the John Deere customers who want the premium experience. Whether it’s the top-of-the-line pickup truck or latest and greatest smartphone, the Signature Edition UTVs aim to match that experience. 

“They want their utility vehicle to be easy to use, similar to an automobile so it doesn’t have a different shifting pattern, different braking mechanism,” says McCormack. “They want to be able to go from their car or their truck to a UTV and not have it be a jarring experience.” 

UTV of the future

The infotainment touchscreen console in John Deere's new Signature Edition Gators.
Photo credit: John Deere

Part of the design process for the Signature Edition Gators was bringing features customers may already be familiar with in the cabs of John Deere tractors and combines to the UTV experience. 

One of the main features exclusive to the new line of UTVs is the integrated touchscreen infotainment system with automotive-grade smartphone integration for Apple and Android smartphones. That means you can make hands-free phone calls, send text messages or play music right from the touchscreen.

A rear-facing camera displays video on the touchscreen with the push of a button to provide better visibility when attaching trailers or spreading materials like seed or salt. The camera, mounted to the cargo box, can be raised for a hitch-focused perspective.

Mean machine

John Deere's two new Signature Edition Gator UTVs.
Photo credit: John Deere

All of this new built-in technology doesn’t come at the expense of durability or hauling strength. 

The Bumper Pro Brush Guard protects the front grille, lights, hood, and sides of the UTV, and makes for a mean look. It also provides rubber bumpers for safely pushing gates open and a center screen to keep debris from entering the radiator. The rear is equipped with fender flares to keep mud and debris off the vehicle, while a fender guards and bumpers protect the rear and sides of the cargo box.

The cargo box itself is 45 inches long and 52 inches wide with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds and has spray-in liner, brake lights, and taillights. The cargo box also has 16 integrated tie-down points for increased versatility in hauling.

The UTVs have a standard 2-inch hitch receiver with 2,000-pound towing capacity. 

Heavy-duty luxury

Instead of the regular yellow John Deere seats, the Signature Edition Gators have leather seats with an embroidered logo.
Photo credit: John Deere

Not only can you get work done with these UTVs, but you’re going to be doing it in luxury. 

The new touchscreen console also includes Bluetooth wireless connectivity, auxiliary and USB ports, AM/FM, and SiriusXM satellite radio. All these audio options are backed up by a seven-speaker, water-resistant sound system — professionally tuned by Harman Audio — and powerful enough for listening outside the vehicle. 

Gone are the familiar yellow seats, instead the Signature Edition models are decked out with a genuine leather three-passenger bench sporting an embroidered John Deere logo. It also features leather-wrapped grab handles, front roof-mounted LED driving lights and a rear-sliding window with access to the cargo box. These new features aren’t just for comfort — they’re practical, too.

“They clean up easily. You can wipe them off when your dog jumps in with his muddy paws, you’re going to be able to clean up right after him,” McCormack says. 

The new UTVs come stocked with the standard features you’d expect from John Deere’s line of XUV Crossover Series Gator vehicles including a climate-controlled cab, easier shifting with an integrated park brake, informative instrument cluster and four-wheel drive with differential lock at the flip of a switch.

Price and availability

The XUV835R starts at $35,849 and XUV865R starts at $37,099. The Signature Edition Gators will arrive at dealerships starting April 2022. For more information about John Deere and the full line of Gator UTV products, visit

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