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Ultimate UTV Evaluation: Day Two

Day two of Successful Farming magazine’s UTV Evaluation started off windy, with gusts up to 40 mph throughout the day. The wind brought in cooler temperatures, although the evaluators from Iowa and Michigan didn’t complain about the 30˚F. weather. 

Before the testing could begin, the suspension system on each of the UTVs had to be adjusted to the tightest setting to accommodate the towing and hauling tests. 

To make sure the evaluators got through all of the testing today, the team decided to run two tests at the same time. While one UTV had the trailer hooked up, two others were loaded down with the full capacity in the cargo bed. 

The maximum cargo capacity on the machines ranges from 600 to 1,000 pounds. To make sure the machines had the right amount of weight, we used 50-pound bags of rock. It was an effective system, but there may be a few sore arms and backs tomorrow. (Mainly mine!)

After both the towing and fully loaded tests were wrapped up (and a break to warm up with some homemade chili), the evaluators unloaded some of the weight out of each of the machines. With half of the cargo capacity in the bed, the evaluators took each machine out on the trail one last time.

Local farmer Scott Sorrells, along with his dog, Rambo, came out to join the evaluators for the towing and fully loaded cargo tests. Watch the video to see which machine he thought would be the best to have on his farm in Dawsonville, Georgia.

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