Big green rollout

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    John Deere this week in Indianapolis, Indiana, rolled out the largest single year of new equipment in the company’s 174-year history. The 2012 lineup improves power, comfort and performance, company officials say. Here's a look at some of the new green iron.

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    A new communication system, Machine Sync, will streamline on-the-go grain unloading in the field. Machine Sync will use real-time location data and communicate it between combine and grain cart, automating the process of the grain cart traveling alongside the combine in the field.

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    Deere rolled out its new S-series of combines this week. The machines feature the latest integrated technology, new corn headers up to 18 rows wide and a new crop residue management system. The line of machines ranges in horsepower from 271 to 543.

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    Back to those new corn heads: The new 600-series corn heads feature Deere's first 16- and 18-row heads, responding to customers' requests for larger heads. “Our broad 600 Series line, including 16- and 18-row corn heads, will allow them to match capacity with their larger combines," says Deere Harvester Works product manager Josh Herting.

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    Deere's new 5M and 5E (pictured here) tractors (85 to 115 horsepower) offer a wider variety of attachments for crop and livestock producers. “In addition to the cab, we’ve redesigned the transmissions and added oil-cooled, self-adjusting wet traction and PTO clutches that aren’t typically found on other utility tractors,” says Matt Blaylock, John Deere product marketing manager for 5 Series Tractors.

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    Deere's hitting the row-crop tractor market with its line of 6R tractors, which replaces the 7430 and 7530 Premium models. The 3 new 6R models range from 170 to 210 horsepower. Improvements include a wider horsepower range, increased hydraulic capacity, more integrated technology and a larger "ComfortView" cab, according to Deere product manager Chris Borgman.

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    The 7R Series tractors step up horsepower to the 200-280 range and feature the new IVT transmission, larger tire options, a compact chassis and "greater engine horsepower ratings," and have 30% more fuel capacity and 23% more hitch-lift capacity than the 7030, the 7R line's predecessor.

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    The new 8335R tractor is the first production tractor ever tested at the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab in Lincoln, Nebraska to break the 300-horsepower barrier for PTO. The tractor also improves fuel efficiency by around 28% from its predecessor model, the 8320R. The tractor also meets Interim Tier 4 engine standards for emissions.

  • 09

    The 9R and 9RT tractors are Deere's new big boys. Engine horespower ranges from 360 to 560. “We added more horsepower, more integrated technologies like AutoTrac™ and JDLink™ and equipped all ag models with high-flow hydraulics and PTO options," says John Deere Waterloo Works Division Marketing Manager Jerry Griffith.

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    Deere's new 4940 self-propelled sprayer builds on its predecessor, the 4930, by adding Direct Injection Ready, which "gives operators the ability to maintain a clean solution tank, which makes it easier to change between crops, load faster and carry up to 235 gallons of extra product," according to a Deere report.

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    The Ag Management Solutions (AMS) line of products is growing by 8 this year, with the rollout of new tools for section control, rate control, implement guidance and satellite controls, remote display access, implement detection and JDLink Harvest controls.

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    The Gator Crossover Utility Vehicles, XUV 550 and 550 S4, have a top speed of 28 mph and 4-wheel drive, according to Deere reports. "The 16-hp, 570 cc, air-cooled, v-twin gas engine provides greater speed and horsepower than most vehicles in its class, and the cargo box can carry up to 400 lbs of gear. In addition, the 550 is small enough to fit in the bed of a standard pick-up truck," according to Deere.

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    The new H-series of loaders includes 6 different models to fit a range of Deere's tractors. The loader models feature non-self and mechanical self-leveling (NSL & MSL). “We’ve also designed the H-Series with a lower torque tube and concealed oil lines within the loader boom," says Deere product manager for loader marketing, Henry Sink III.

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