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Leo Fitzpatrick of Beaverton, Michigan, can talk at length about the value of old barns and how much they mean to his family history. "The farm would not look the same without the barn that Grandpa built so long ago. It stands like a beacon light at the center of the farm now operated by his great-grandsons," he says. Fitzpatrick's successful renovation, which involved a new roof, structural reinforcement, and painting, made him the winner of the 2004 BARN AGAIN! Farm Heritage award.

Save money by repairing or replacing broken siding, properly prepairing and painting the exterior, and taking steps to ensure the paint job lasts.

A crumbling foundation doesn't necessarily mean an old barn has no future. With a rebuilt foundation and other repairs, Janis King's 1870 barn is ready for its next 100 years of use.

After being hired to tear down several old barns because low ceilings made them unusable, David Ciolek developed a trussing technique that opens interior space, making them useful again.

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