Beautiful Barns

  • opening

    In 2013, Successful Farming magazine and Exmark introduced the Farm Beautiful Contest to discover the most picturesque farms across the nation. We’re bringing back the contest to find more charming farms. The barn on the left is from the Sparkling Waters farm outside of Lititz, Pennsylvania.

  • ruebush

    Dean and Debbie Ruebush live on a centennial farm in Macomb, Illinois. “Shortly after we moved to the farm in 1995, we began restoring the barn by installing a new roof and repairing the outside siding,” says Debbie. “After looking at old photos, it appeared that the barn had been painted multiple colors and later painted all white. In an attempt to restore its original heritage, we painted the barn three shades of tan, trimmed out in forest green, and accented with red.”

  • schumacher

    Jim Schumacher’s farm in Eureka, South Dakota, has been in the family for two generations. The double-hip barn shown at the left was built in 1952 to accommodate a dairy operation. It was in need of a little TLC so Jim recently replaced the foundation; installed new shingles, windows, and doors; and put on a fresh coat of paint.

  • penny

    Penny Rosa and her family purchased this farm in 2010. They decided to repair the old barn and discovered it was at least 100 years old and was used as the last stage coach switching station in the county. “We felt it was important to save this small piece of history,” says Penny. “We decided to cover the barn with metal, classic red and white, we added a copper turkey weather vane on top of the barn, and installed a larger door on the front of the barn to handle a tractor or semi.”

  • oak alley

    Oak Alley Farm in Garland, Pennsylvania, is nestled into the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. The beautiful farm features two of the original barns, including the one at left. The farm is owned and operated by Robert Brace and his sons.

  • farm

    This exquisite white barn is also part of Oak Alley Farm.

  • behselich

    This beautiful red barn is part of the Behselich farm. The five generation family farm currently has three generations living on it. The farm has a hog finishing operation and about 150 laying hens.

  • hartmann

    “When I was a little girl I used to ride my bicycle from our farm to the neighbor’s farm to admire their farm,” says Patricia Hartmann. “As fate would have it, the farmer’s son would become my husband and I got to live on one of the best laid out farmsteads in the area.” The farm at the left is Patricia and Ronald’s farm in Elgin, Illinois. “For us, our home is the beautiful farm and farmstead where we’ve spent all our married years,” adds Patricia.

  • lange

    In 1915, Lange Farms was established as a livestock and vegetable produce farm in Wind Lake, Wisconsin. Today, Jim, the grandson of the original farmer, runs a 1,900-acre cash crop operation, producing corn, soybeans, and winter wheat. In 2008, the livestock barn and shed were completely re-sided and three years later both received new tin roofs.

  • schwinn

    Nestled in the quiet and historic Salt Creek Valley of Leavenworth County Kansas, the Schwinn Produce barn is 4,500-square feet and is built in traditional white oak with timber frame construction, which mean there are no nails in the frame only wooden pegs and wedges.

  • smith

    Gaylon and Carolyn Smith have a cattle farm in Ripley, Tennessee. The couple has four children and all live on the farm. Tracy Sellers submitted the entry for the farm and said, “My dad works from sun up to sun down and never complains a bit.”

A collection of barn photos from the 2013 Farm Beautiful Contest.

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