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Old barn still having heyday

  • Tour the the Hanson barn

    Barn back in action

    The Hanson barn in central Iowa was a featured stop on the Iowa Barn Foundation All-State Tour, September 15-16, 2012. Once called a "horse barn," the two-story feed and livestock barn is more than a hundred years old.

  • Stabilizing the structure

    Stabilizing the structure

    A key to the barn's rehabilitation was to stabilize the walls and pull the barn back together, using seven 3/4-inch rodsets.

  • Mortise and tenon

    Mortise and tenon

    The barn features wooden pegs and mortise and tenon joints. The hand-hewn support posts are thought to be borrowed from another structure from the 1880s.

  • A barn saver

    A barn saver

    Margaret Van Ginkel and her sister, Nola, grew up on the farm that's home to the Hanson barn. Other work they've supervised: a new roof; door and window repair; additional roof support; and painting.

  • If only the walls could talk

    Barn full of history

    The family is using the barn to display implements and tools from the farm's and area's history.

  • What's this tool?

    What's this tool?

    Hint: It's used with a crop that's better known in another I state.

  • Dual-purpose tool

    An old chick incubator now doubles as a display shelf for a barn history display.

  • Around the farmstead

    Around the farmstead

    Among several other historic items is this silo, built in 1942 and converted into a grain bin after being damaged by a tornado in the 1960s.

  • Once a house

    Once a home

    This "truck shed," another restoration on the farmstead, was once the home of the first farmers on place.

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