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Case IH rolls out Tier 4, precision support

Based on results from the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab, Tier 4A (Interim Tier 4) Case IH tractors with SCR technology are setting records for fuel-efficient power. More than 10,000 Steiger, Magnum and Puma tractors powered by this technology are already performing in farmers’ fields across North America.

Today, the company announced it would meet the 2014 Tier 4 Final (Tier 4B) engine emissions standards using SCR technology exclusively.

“These results confirm that Case IH Efficient Power technology is powerful, smart and simple and best of all, already available to producers,” says Kyle Russell, Senior Director of Marketing, Case IH North America. “We’re proud to already offer producers Case IH equipment with SCR technology that meets the requirements of the final stage of off-road governmental emissions regulations for 2014. The fuel efficiency and enhanced power in the new Case IH SCR tractors provide producers with greater economies of scale and more profit-per-acre.”

Case IH made the choice several years ago to focus development efforts on SCR technology. Cool-running and quiet, SCR is an engine exhaust after-treatment system that works outside the engine in the exhaust system. Rather than interfere with engine performance, it actually improves it. Case IH Tier 4B technology will not require regeneration of particulate filters or any Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology for their high horsepower equipment.

“SCR is hands-down, the best approach for high-horsepower agricultural equipment,” Russell continues. “Especially when you consider the high load requirements for field work and how important fuel efficiency and maintenance costs are to large producers.”

New tech support

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) customers will see an added level of support for their precision farming investment. The new AFS Support Center provides 24/7/365 access to service and support for everything from monitors, to guidance technology, to receivers, to section control.

“In cooperation with Case IH dealers, the AFS Support Center will provide the new level of support required by today’s advanced technologies,” says Trevor Mecham, Case IH AFS Marketing Manager. “Now, when a customer calls 855-4AFS-HELP (855-423-7435), they will be connected to an AFS support engineer who is 100% dedicated to putting precision farming technologies to work in conjunction with Case IH equipment.”

The Center will supplement the AFS services growers now get through dealerships by providing highly trained support engineers with quick access to added resources. These support engineers will be able to tackle particularly complex issues and will be fully integrated with a centralized database/knowledge base.

“The AFS Support Center’s ability to assist with in-field support and coordinate with the service provided through dealerships will give Case IH customers an extended team of experts,” says Mecham. “This ‘one-stop shop’ allows the AFS Support Center and the technical support staff at dealerships to own all issues through to resolution. Real-time data on product issues, trends and analysis are supplemental benefits.”

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