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Keep your backhoe in top shape

Keeping your eye on a few key parts of an excavator or
backhoe prior to and during operation can mean the difference between finishing
a job efficiently and losing out because of costly downtime.


Regardless of the size or manufacturer of your excavator,
there are a few key factors to keep in mind in developing and implementing a
preventative maintenance program, according to a recent report from the Rental
Equipment Register. They include:

1. Always follow the recommended factory service intervals.
2. Provide internal component visibility through an oil analysis program.
3. Understand that severe working conditions require an increase in service


But, sometimes mechanical breakdowns are inevitable. If you
run into engine trouble, Rental Equipment Register specialists advise the
following steps:

1.Check fuel delivery and carburetor for proper operation.
2. Check for water in fuel; if present, drain tank and refill.
3. Remove spark plugs and inspect for wear. Test ignition wire for spark, and
repair or replace components as needed.
4. Check that fuel solenoid valve operates correctly.
5. Ensure that float needle valve is not stuck open.
6. Inspect head gasket for leaks.
7. Check for burned valves and/or valve seats. Check that valve train is not

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