Versatile Tractor Loader Backhoes

Kubota is rolling out two new Tier 4 Final tractor loader backhoes (TLB) – the L47 and M62. The L47 will replace the L39 and L45, and the M62 takes the place of the M59. Both machines will be classified as compact TLBs, yet the M62 will offer a reach and dig depth of 14 feet.

“Normally for a 14-foot reach, you have to move out of the compact line into a standard machine,” explains Tyler Pittson with Kubota.” So you go from a 12-foot-reach machine worth around $50,000 to $100,000 or more to get a 14-foot reach.”

The M62 will provide the additional reach at a more affordable price.

Front loader
The TLBs feature a new throttle-up switch that increases engine speed without increasing travel speed, giving you extra power for loader work. “This saves fuel, is more efficient, and keeps the engine quieter,” says Pittson.

The machines come standard with a mechanical two-lever quick coupler that allows you to easily attach and remove front implements. With the optional hydraulic coupler, you won’t even need to leave the tractor seat. Simply press two buttons to release the levers, back away from the detached implement, move to the next implement, and press the buttons to engage the levers.

A new crawling mode allows you to move slowly forward or backward with the touch of a finger while remaining at the backhoe controls, so you won’t need to change your seat position to make minor adjustments.

The backhoe boom’s quick hitch lets you quickly switch buckets, depending on the job. If you want to do work without the backhoe, a four-point quick-mount system lets you easily detach the backhoe. The tractor comes equipped with a PTO and an optional three-point hitch that allows you to do more work with the TLB.

An independent 540-rpm PTO can power rotary tillers, snowblowers, and rear-mounted mowers. A category I or category II three-point hitch makes it easy to hook up rear-mounted implements.

A new IntelliPanel provides all vital information needed to keep the TLB in peak working condition. Indicators include current working status, engine conditions, fuel and oil warning signs, and a variety of maintenance indicators.

Engine gross horsepower: 47
PTO horsepower: 33
Front loader: 2,848-pound lift capacity
Backhoe: 10-foot max digging depth
Operating weight: 7,205 pounds
Max lifting height: 9 feet, 6 inches

Engine gross horsepower: 63
PTO horsepower: 46
Front loader: 3,960-pound lift capacity
Backhoe: 14-foot max digging depth
Operating weight: 8,925 pounds
Max lifting height: 10 feet, 6 inches

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