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Danuser Upgrades Mega Mixer Handling Bucket

Agriculture and construction attachment manufacturer Danuser has improved its Mega Mixer handling bucket with three features. The Mega Mixer is designed to mix, scoop, and dispense materials such as livestock feed, sand, or manure. The recent upgrades are meant to help farmers be more productive, no matter what chores they choose to tackle with this attachment.

“The built-in cutting edges and robust design make the new Mega Mixer well-suited for scooping from piles of sand, gravel, feed, grains, dry topsoil, dry compost, and a variety of other agriculture and construction materials,” said company co-owner Glenn Danuser. “It has the performance to save the operator time and labor cost on the farm or jobsite.”

Mounts on both sides of the attachment allow farmers to dispense material to the left or the right. Pallet fork tine slots allow the mixer to be lifted from either direction.

3 Upgrades

First, the discharge end was made easier to operate on this model. The new handle control gate gives users more flow control and helps them reduce spillage.

The Mega Mixer auger was also upgraded. The 8-inch-diameter steel auger with 8-inch pitch mixes and dispenses faster than the previous model. The company says that now, 20 80-pound bags of concrete could be mixed in about five minutes.

Finally, a bulked up motor provides more power to the improved auger. The 22.8-cubic-inch motor is capable of dispensing ¾ yards of material in 26 seconds.

Price and Availability

Pricing and ordering information for the new Mega Mixer can be found through your local Danuser dealer. The unit ships with hoses and flat-face ISO couplers. Visit for more information.

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