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Material movers

Got dirt? To move, that is?
If you’re in the market for an earthmoving system that can do more than a box
scraper, but you’re not quite ready for an industrial model, the ICON AG-10
scraper may be the product for you.

“The AG-10 is the ideal
earthmoving system for the farmer, feedlot operator, or rancher whose needs
exceed that of a box scraper or carryall, but are below that of an industrial
scraper,” says Gary Douglas, product support manager for ICON Industries. “With
a heaped capacity of 10 yards, the AG-10 can still move a vast amount of
material in a relatively short time. Plus, it has many of the same features of
the bigger industrial models.”

The AG-10 features a frame
engineered around 80,000 and 100,000 tensile strength steel. The front gate and
eject wall are finished in dirt-resisting epoxy to maintain efficiency in
sticky soils. The double-wall frame sidewall design increases overall strength
and rigidity, while protecting hydraulics.

The front dolly on the unit
not only improves maneuverability via 50° of horizontal movement and 70° of
lateral movement, but also helps support the load. A supported load means you
can use an average-size tractor with this implement.

“The dolly is also designed
to transfer up to 3,000 pounds of weight from the load onto the tractor drawbar
to assist with traction when loading. It also provides extra lift on the front
of the bowl to provide a full 18 inches of ground clearance during transport,”
notes Douglas.

The list price is $41,690.
To learn more, contact ICON Industries at 785/738-6613 or visit

Sno-Pro Loader Blades


The Sno-Pro loader blades
from Curtis Industries aren’t just for moving snow anymore. The company
recently introduced a new and improved line to make the blades more versatile
for a variety of applications.

A 30° hydraulic angle has
been added for more efficient, productive plowing. The four heavy-duty trip
springs increase protection against blade damage from surface obstructions. The
full-trip moldboard protects both the blade and the loader. Highly visible
guide markers make it easy to locate the blade edge or corners.

The blades offer several
mounting options and each is made with heavy-duty 11-gauge powder-coated steel,
which lessens debris pileup.

Available in 5- through
8-foot models, these blades are recommended for tractors up to 47 hp. But they
can also adapt to quick-attach front mounting for skid steers and tractors
equipped with front loaders that have quick-attach-type adapters.

Prices range from $2,200 to
$4,000. To find a dealer in your area or to learn more about other Curtis
products, call 800/343-7676 or visit

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