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3 new skid steer products

Products that make life
around the farm less backbreaking are a welcome addition, and the three
products highlighted here can help you get those chores done in no time and
with less effort.

Caterpillar B-Series 3

The Caterpillar B-Series 3
Loaders, which include SSL Models 216B3, 226B3, 236B3, 242B3, 252B3 (pictured),
and MTL Models 247B3 and 257B3, have specific design refinements that make them
more capable, safer, and easier to operate. The 242B3 and 257B3 sport a larger
engine and more powerful hydraulics.

All models include a
redesigned dead-engine lower valve, single electronic control module (ECM),
which means easier access to fuses, relays, and the Cat Electronic Technician
port. It also simplifies wiring and reduces the number of connections.

New ECM-enabled features
include automatic glow-plug, expanded diagnostic capability, and the use of an
optional on-demand cooling fan that spins the fan only as fast as required by
the machine. This improves fuel efficiency, reduces sound levels, and provides
faster warm-up. To learn more, visit

Push Away Grapple


Designed for unloading
Ag-Bag-type feed storage, this device, from Fritsch Equipment Corporation,
features 12 tons of push-away force and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders, which are
strong enough to penetrate hard-packed feed in bags. When grapple cylinders
reach the end of their stroke, another set of cylinders automatically pushes
away the pile and separates feed in the bucket from the pile.

Suggested retail price
starts at $2,200. Learn more at

Easy Rake Silage Facer


Silage facers can be
frustrating because bearings go out, chains and tighteners need to be replaced,
motors and sprockets give out, and invariably someone forgets to unhook the
hydraulic hoses.

Riverview, makers of the
Easy Rake, hopes to eliminate your frustrations with this silage facer’s simple
design. There are no moving parts and no hoses to attach or orbital motors to
replace, which means you save time and money. There are models available for
loaders, telehandlers, and skid steers.

“We were repairing our
hydraulic defacer weekly and figured we had as much or more money in repairs,
downtime, and labor in six months than the Easy Rake silage facer cost,” says
Trent Stoller, Van Erk Dairy in Ohio.

The skid steer model starts
at around $4,000; wheel loaders start at about $10,000. Prices do not include

Learn more at

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