Deere's 'new revolution'

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    Beef and dairy producers will have the ability to determine corn silage nutrient quality when using the John Deere HarvestLab starting in July of 2012. In addition to dry matter content, it will be able to predict crude protein, starch and fiber.

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    To help agricultural producers manage their equipment information, production data and farm operations from a single website, John Deere introduces It gives customers a centralized online portal to access, view, archive and manage a wide variety of business information.

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    Remote display access

    The ability to remotely supervise and support precision field operations becomes even more important. To provide that support, John Deere introduces Remote Display Access, which allows users to view the operator’s display screen on their John Deere equipment.

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    StarFire 3000 receiver

    To give producers increased accuracy in precision-guided field operations, John Deere announces enhancements to its StarFire 3000 Receivers. The enhancements give SF1 subscribers 9-inch pass-to-pass accuracy 95% of the time.

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Learn about the new technology John Deere unveiled at the FarmSight Tech Summit.

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