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A mower with attitude

Until the middle of the nineteenth century, hay was cut by hand with sickles and scythes. Over the years, these devices have evolved into a modern array of machines, which includes fully mechanical mowers.

Often compared to sickle mowers, these units have made a name for themselves because of their ability to shine in tough mowing conditions. Building on the rugged design of its current line of DISCO mowers, Claas's latest additions continue that tradition but also feature some innovative tools.

DISCO 3600 TC Plus

The DISCO 3600 TC Plus is a mower conditioner with a 12-foot, 6-inch cutting width. This two-point hitch, swing tongue-style mower allows you more freedom and flexibility in the field, which is achieved through the free-moving bracket on the lower link arm. The parallel suspension design reduces ground pressure and keeps wear down.

With the hydraulic float, which is similar to what is on the DISCO 9100 and 9300 models, it moves smoothly over the ground, which makes it more durable and less likely to slow you down in terrain that may be unstable. Because of the pivot action, obstacles such as rocks are easily overcome, reducing the threat of damage to the machine.

The tine conditioner breaks open the waxy coating on plants so that moisture surfaces and dries at a faster speed rate. It mixes the swath thoroughly, discharging it onto the stubble ready to dry at an accelerated pace. The conditioner intensity is easily adjusted, which gives more control over the process.

The new model includes Claas's Quick Knife cutting technology. This system allows for easy knife change. The fixing lever is placed around the blade bolt, the leaf spring is pushed downward, and the old blade is swapped for a new one. The blade can only be changed if the blade attachment is directly above the cavity, which prevents the blade from accidentally breaking free. The leaf spring pushes the blade bolt from below firmly into the disc. Even in tough conditions, the blade is kept firmly in place because of a 7-mm overlap and the mushroom-shape of the blade bolt.

Safetylink Solution

The heavy-duty cutterbar with Safetylink provides safety for you as well as machine. This patented solution features defined shear points on every cutting disc that prevent cutterbar damage should there be severe impact with an obstruction. If repairs are needed, the satellite pinion gear and the bearing, or even the complete module, can be replaced quickly, which means minimum downtime during harvest.

Rounding out this new design are the cutting height adjustments with indicator and wider adjustment for swath-forming shields. At 1,000 rpm PTO, this may be a mower conditioner worth exploring for your operation. The list price for the DISCO 3600 TC Plus is $36,809.

Other Options

Interested in the features this mower has to offer but don't need one with such a wide cutting width? Then check out the DISCO 3500 and 3500 TRC (Tine Roller Conditioner). Each unit offers the same features as the DISCO 3900 TC Plus but has a cutting width of only 11 feet, 2 inches.

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