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Clamping spear forks

If you had a list of chores you'd like to accomplish with your skid steer loader or tractor bucket, what would be on it? Would you want to be able to grab a bale easily? Would you want the ability to scoop up a barrel with ease? How about moving that old piece of iron littering your farmyard?

You can cross those things – and more – off your list if you invest in the Ultra Fork from Bucket Solutions.

“Our patent-pending Ultra Fork works great for picking up hay bales, pallets, manure, debris, shrubs, silage, trash, and more,” says its inventor, Ted McSherry.

An innovation is born

The Wheat Ridge, Colorado, farmer came up with the idea to help with the variety of chores he had to tackle around his operation.

“I operate a small ranch with horses, cows, and goats, and I wanted one universal tool to fit on both my tractor or my skid steer loader,” says McSherry. “It's nice to have one device that can handle so many things.”

The Ultra Fork incorporates a C-clamp pad design, which is guaranteed not to harm the bucket. To install, the fork assembly simply slides over the edge of the bucket and is held in place by two screw-on clamps.

The holes in the frame let the spears slide into place, and they are secured with linchpins. Separating each spear are 5 inches of space.

If you're hauling brush, the top part of the frame has four slots designed to hold 2×4s to create a barrier.

The device is available in a seven- or 13-spear configuration.

Each unit has a 1,500-pound lifting capacity and is 60 inches wide. A spear is 33 inches long. The seven-spear version weighs 170 pounds; the 13-spear weighs 230 pounds.

The Ultra Fork fits 4-, 5-, and 6-foot buckets. The Multi-Spear Ultra Fork with seven spears lists for $659; the 13-spear unit is $799.

The company also offers a variety of other attachments for the bucket including Pallet Forks (pictured above). They are available in light, medium, and heavy-duty versions, and they range in price from $319 to $629.

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