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Mow like a pro

ATVs and UTVs have become staples around the farm. With an attachment or two, you can transform one into a multipurpose machine.

But what if you could add a hydraulic power take-off (PTO) to your workhorse to make it even more versatile? That's exactly what Kirk Jones did when he created ProManPTO.

“The ProManPTO is a unique bolt-on hydraulic pump system that is mounted to your vehicle's engine,” says Jones. “This system changes your vehicle into a mobile hydraulic platform to run a complete family of hydraulically driven implements.”

The system, which can be installed in about 30 minutes, includes not only a fully assembled hydraulic PTO, but also a small parts box, a parts manual, and an instructional DVD.

“The video will walk you through installation of the interface that stays on the engine when you take the PTO off,” notes Jones. “There's a cover plate that goes over that interface. The nice thing about it is you can still use your vehicle for things like hunting. But when you want to do mobile hydraulic work, it's available quickly.”

The PTO kit also includes an oil cooler/reservoir with a fan and the necessary hoses with flush-face quick connectors ready to plug onto any of the ProManPTO hydraulic implements.

One interesting thing that came out of the company's years of development is a solution for the chaff buildup common when mowing in dry areas.

“We ended up creating an inline plug-in fan reverser for the DC fan,” explains Jones. “What it did is solve the issue of chaff that slowly builds up and causes you to stop because you have to clean out the radiator and wait for it to cool down. You can keep mowing, because it's preprogrammed to reverse your fan. It will then slow down and go forward for a regular cooling and repeat the cycle.”

ProManPTO is intended for machines 500 cc and up, which Jones says provide plenty of power for implements.

“To drive your vehicle around your property in low gear takes about 5 to 7 hp.,” he says. “Most of these vehicles start at around 30 hp. and go up over 80 hp. So that additional horsepower, in almost all cases, is not being used at all. The ProManPTO taps into about 20 hp. to run implements.”

ProManPTO currently fits a wide variety of ATVs and UTVs, and that list continues to grow. The cost of the system for an ATV is $2,500; the UTV is about $500 more.

The system powers numerous implements, which are proprietary, including a rough-cut mower, flail mower, finish-cut mower, a log splitter, and leaf/debris blower. In the not-too-distant future, the company plans to add a snowblower, small tree shear, wood chipper, power broom, auger, sprayer, trash pump, pressure washer, fire pump, and more.

“It turns your vehicle into a mobile hydraulic work platform,” says Jones. “Once you have that platform, as you add each implement, the value of your machine just keeps growing and growing.”

He goes on to point out an added bonus of this system: It will end up eliminating tens of thousands of redundant gasoline engines along with their cost, maintenance, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

“If you have property to manage, you know that maintaining that ground is a continual process,” says Jones. “The ProManPTO can help you address all those issues with the variety of implements available.” 

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