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Older, smaller used disks rise in value

Prices on older, smaller used disks have exploded higher in 2012.

I’d been watching this new trend unfold over the past four months with a high auction price here, a strong sale price there. Then last Saturday (April 28, 2012) I was slapped in the face by a pair of prices on a farm auction in northeast Texas.

Pictured above is the JD 210 14’ tandem disk sold for $3,400 last Saturday. That is the highest auction price I’ve seen in 13+ years on a JD 210 disk. I’ve compiled (128) auction sale prices on JD 210 disks going back to the year 1996 and $3,400 is the 2nd highest sale price I’ve run across. See for yourself:


Look at my list of auction sale prices and you’ll see that now makes (4) JD 210 disks I’ve seen sold for $2,500 or more so far here in 2012. How many JD 210’s did I see sell for $2,500 or more from 2000 – 2011? Just one. Wow.

Also selling on the northeast Texas farm auction last Saturday was an IHC 480 12’ tandem disk. It went for $2,200. That is the 5th highest auction sale price I’ve seen on an IHC 480 disk over the past 8+ years.

So why all the hub bub and rising sale prices on these old, small used disks? I’ve heard a few theories. For use in wildlife feed plots possibly. Others say it’s cheaper to buy a disk like this than replace the blades on your current used disk. Both valid reasons.

Another thing to consider on the farm auction last Saturday in northeast Texas was the fact they’ve actually had some rain for a change down there. Kinda helps on the optimism scale, don’t you think? This same auction also had (2) new record high auction sale prices on John Deere hay balers:

A JD 348 square baler sold for $17,750 and a JD 468 round baler (done 6,811 bales) went for $31,000. Obviously both balers were in super nice condition. Used hay equipment values are on the rebound big time here in 2012.

Definitely interesting times to be tracking the used farm equipment market and used values. Greatly fluctuating used values, up or down, has huge implications whether you’re buying, selling, trading equipment or just trying to stay on top of your net worth by knowing what all your used iron is worth.

Stay tuned.

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