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Perfecting performance and comfort

MacDon Industries Ltd.'s M205 Windrowers and R85 Rotary Disc Header are loaded with performance enhancements, and they feature significant upgrades from their predecessors, the M200 and the R80.

The M205 Windrower

A high-powered Cummins turbo diesel engine (220 hp. at a rated 2,220 rpm) that can automatically power boost to 230 hp. when in extreme, heavy crop conditions is one of many upgrades on the M205. Powerful enough to run draper headers up to 40 feet, this Tier 3 engine is fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, thanks to MacDon's Intermediate Speed Control (ISC).

With ISC engaged, you can select one of three engine speeds to optimally match the engine to harvesting conditions. This may result in an ability to run the engine quieter in most situations and to also experience a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

Supporting the larger engine are improvements to the machine's air intake and exhaust system, which meant reworking the windrower's body and hood to allow for greater airflow into the engine. To accommodate the increased airflow, the M205's air filter has also been enlarged, which has an added bonus — longer periods between service intervals.

The R85 Rotary Disc Header

The new R85 Rotary Disc Header matches the M205 for performance upgrades. The focus has been to take the rotary disc concept to the next level by not only increasing productivity, especially in heavier material, but also by ensuring a cleaner, closer cut in those extreme conditions.

To achieve this goal, MacDon examined every aspect of the R80 for possible improvements. That analysis resulted in changes — large and small — throughout the unit.

In terms of the large changes, the multiple-drum crop conveying system on the R85's 16-foot model (also available in a 13-foot version) has been eliminated. In its place is an overshot auger that delivers more positive feeding — and less back-feeding — of crop at the ends of the header when you are cutting heavier material.

To help in lighter downed or lighter crop, the cutterbar assembly now sports a lower profile with full-width wear protection. This enables lower, faster cutting.

Not all the improvements to the M205 Windrower and the R85 Rotary Disc Header are about performance.

Operator comfort was also taken into consideration. Look for a smoother ride thanks to MacDon's new Ultra Glide Cab (UGC) suspension system. This four-corner, custom-tuned, independent-suspension system features suspension stabilization to prevent cab roll.

The M205 has enhanced instrumentation that provides accurate readouts of hydraulic oil temperature, along with the reporting of more information on other critical systems.

For pricing information or to learn more about other pieces of equipment in the MacDon lineup, contact a dealer in your area.

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