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A new sidedress rig

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    Brent Schmitz owns Schmitz Ag Products (217/357-5010), Niota, Illinois. He has several ventures including building fertilizer applicators and strip-till machines. Last year, he built a liquid sidedressing machine to rent out, but ended up using it for custom application instead.

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    The first day of June found Schmitz sidedressing his first field of the season. He has several thousand acres of custom application lined-up. Rain that night knocked him out of the field until Saturday. Then rain Saturday night stopped him until Monday. He had a good run from Monday until Wednesday, but rain was threatening to shut him out of the field again Wednesday night, June 8.

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    Nitrogen is carried in a 1,600-gallon tank on a Yetter All Steer cart, but Schmitz only fills it part way to reduce weight.

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    Schmitz built the sidedressing bar in such a way that it can be used for 12 rows or 16 rows by folding or unfolding the wings.

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    Injection nozzles shoot 32% liquid nitrogen into the slot opened by ripple coulters. Injected nitrogen is less subject to loss than liquid nitrogen applied to the soil surface. 

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