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How Trajectory Spraying Technology Works

technology is a new spraying strategy that uses multiple angles to target weeds
or the crop canopy.

 “When (soybean) rust concerns appeared
in 2005, all researchers said you (applicators) should hit the canopy from multiple
angles with droplets 200 to 300 microns,” says Will Smart, president of
Greenleaf Technologies.  “These
days, with sprayers going faster and faster, we have tweaked a design to
compensate for the fact that spray travels with application.”

In 2011, Greenleaf
introduced a multi-purpose DualFan nozzle (
with front sprays angling 10-degrees forward and rear ones angling 50 degrees

By directing more
flow backward, backside coverage improved.

“Then, we started
alternating them on the boom to get four distinct spray patterns targeting the
crop or weed,” he says. One nozzle will spray 10 degrees forward and 50 degrees
backward. Meanwhile, the next nozzle sprays 50 degrees forward and 10 degrees

“This alternating
air-injected DualFan nozzle has proven to be effective for pigweed
applications, as well as for fungicide and insecticide sprays,” he says. 

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