Implement & attachment improvements from All Around the Farm

  • Spray by number

    Brian Pawlowski of Filion, Michigan, placed 3-inch mailbox numbers on each section of his sprayer boom to correspond with the numbers on his controller.

  • Lightweight snow-mover

    Ronnie Meyer of Bloomington, Minnesota, modified his 6-foot landscaping blade by adding a board and 2 pieces of steel siding for a light, but heavy-duty snow mover.

  • Farmer-built land roller

    Scott Alexander of Alpena, South Dakota, built his land roller from a chisel plow frame (shanks removed and wheels moved to the back) and the leg from a water tower.

  • Subsoiler will reset

    Daniel Huppert of River Falls, Wisconsin, welded an old subsoiler (originally for burying phone lines) to a quick hitch and added 2 hydraulic cylinders to automatically reset it.

  • Handy PTO holder

    Cliff Shudak of Underwood, Iowa, bent a 12-inch-long piece of flat iron and added a threaded rod and nut to each of his implements to serve as a PTO holder for when not attached.

  • Aggressive land roller

    Lamar and Doug Keegan of Bellevue, Ohio, put together their 30-inch rotary hoe from an old toolbar and closing wheels from a scrapped planter. They use it in their soils that compact quickly.

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