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John Deere adds position and leveling features to H-Series Loaders

OLATHE, Kansas (August 23, 2012) – To make it easier for operators to more consistently position and level front loaders when performing repetitive loader tasks, John Deere offers the Return-To-Position (RTP)/Electronic Self-Leveling (ESL) option for its H-Series Loaders.  Both RTP and ESL features integrate loader operations with the tractor CommandCenter and the joystick to activate, interact and control the system.

          The RTP option for the H-Series Loaders allows the operator to store two boom positions and two bucket positions through the use of sensors and the tractor’s front hitch controller. The RTP option is compatible with H340, H360, or H380 non-self-leveling or mechanical self-leveling loaders when coupled with a 6R Series John Deere Tractor equipped with and electronic joystick.

          The ESL option gives a non-self-leveling loader the self-leveling ability without the use of mechanical linkages or complex hydraulic controls.  ESL also improves the leveling accuracy of a mechanical self-leveling loader.

          Henry Sink, product manager for John Deere Loaders, says the Return-To-Position and Electronic Self-Leveling features are easy to install and operate, and require just a few additional components for the loader and the tractor. “Customers will appreciate the increased convenience and performance these optional features provide when using their H-Series Loader,” he says. “These options are great when moving bales, loading or unloading wagons or trucks, stacking pallets, or any number of repetitive tasks where the same boom and bucket set points are used.”

Sink notes that operators will see additional benefits with the RTP and ESL features on their loaders. “When installed on a non-self-leveling loader, visibility to the boom, bucket and load are improved due to the lack of mechanical linkage,” he adds. “And the speed and efficiency of loader operations increases because boom and bucket positions are memorized in the system, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. These options make all types of loader work much easier and faster.”

For more information on the new Return-To-Position and Electronic Self-Leveling options for John Deere H-Series Loaders, visit your local John Deere dealer or visit

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