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Case IH Unveils New High-Speed Planter

Claiming to now have the most accurate planter on the market, Case IH unveiled its 2000 series Early Riser planters featuring an entirely new row unit. 

“This new Early Riser planter series provides the first factory integration of Precision Planting components in North America, resulting in what we believe is the industry’s most accurate planter,” claims Tony McClelland of Case IH. “This is an all-new row unit designed by Case IH with toolbars engineered to deliver top accuracy at higher speeds.”

Case IH field-evaluated the planter this past year claiming the results show the implement can provide accurate seed placement at up to 10 mph.

Features of the new planter include:

  • An industry-leading 26-inch toolbar clearance and a 60% increase in vertical row-unit travel (over the existing Case IH planters), which enables the 2000 series to work in uneven terrain without affecting seed depth placement.

  • The use of larger and heavier Earth Metal double-disk openers that are offset allowing the leading blade to cut residue.

  • An all-new seed meter and electric drive. The vSet 2 meter and vDrive electric-drive systems provide precise seed metering and curve-compensated spacing with tool-free crop changes and adjustments, McClelland says. Additionally, the 2000 series employs new minihoppers.

  • An Advanced Seed Delivery option featuring SpeedTube flighted belts. A SpeedTube planter can be transformed to conventional seed tubes for additional crop-type versatility, with no tools required.

  • Exclusive trailed gauge wheels with soil-relief grooves designed to help row units ride better in rough seed bed conditions while minimizing sidewall compaction.

  • Larger closing disks that work with press wheels to ensure seed-to-soil contact. An optional in-cab adjustment allows the operator to fine-tune closing disk downpressure.

  • A T-handle depth adjustment to change seeding depth in 1/8-inch increments. An indexing system provides consistency across all row units, and an alphanumeric scale makes it easy to confirm all row units are set at the same depth.

“The electric meter and DeltaForce allow each row unit to function like a single row planter,” adds McClelland. “Every row unit reacts automatically to its own particular conditions, from curve-compensated spacing, to an automatic up/down force system for precise depth control.”

The planter also offers new in-cab controls for customized planting. Producers can choose between the total planter control of Advanced Seed Information, available with a single screen through the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 display, or the FieldView with the 20/20 SeedSense options available from Precision Planting.

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