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Focus on Soil Preparation

When you are completing your final tillage pass, you might want to take more time to make sure you get it right and make the field as smooth as possible, says Kelby Krueger, John Deere. “So when the planter is ready to run, it can at its maximum speed potential,” he adds.

If you want to increase planting speed to the fullest potential, you may want to evaluate your tillage practices. “For example, performing your spring tillage operation in the same direction as the planting pass would be key,” says Jason Stoller, Precision Planting.

This doesn’t mean that high-speed planting only works with conventional tillage. Mark Fehr, from Tremont, Illinois, ran his planter on strip till and no till without slowing down and didn’t have any issues.

Another thing to consider is that as the planter covers more acres per day, it puts more pressure on your tillage equipment. “Is your tillage equipment going to be able to open fields by the time the planter gets there?” asks Krueger. If not, you might want to add another tillage tool.

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