Get Your Planter Geared Up!

  • Kimberley

    Kevin Kimberley is a farmer consultant and planter expert with more than 25 years of experience. Often referred to as the “Planter Doctor”, Kimberley calibrates seed meters and helps his clients properly set up their planters before each spring. Click through the slideshow and watch the videos for last-minute planter tips.

  • level your planter

    Level Your Planter
    Kimberley recommends setting your planter alignment and level pre-planting so it performs at its best in the spring.

  • chain drive

    Chain Drive
    Kimberley shares his expertise on what parts need replaced each year on your row units to make the most of your planter.

  • finger pick-up meters

    Finger Pick-Up Meters
    The planter expert describes his process for preparing finger pick-up seed meters.

  • white and kinze seed meters

    White and Kinze Seed Meters
    Do you have a White or Kinze planter? Kimberley goes over some issues specific to White and Kinze seed meters, and what to look for before you start planting.

  • pneumatic seed meters

    Pneumatic Seed Meters
    Kimberley shows Dave Mowitz what to look for on pneumatic seed meters to make sure they operate properly.

  • tire pressure

    Tire Pressure
    This video covers the importance of proper tire pressure on your planter, as well as properly cleaning planters.

  • parallel linkage

    Parallel Linkage
    Kimberley shows Mowitz how to check the row unit's parallel linkage and down pressure to ensure accurate planting in the field.

  • disc openers

    Disc Openers
    Watch this clip for tips on how to set disc openers and the importance of checking seed tubes.

  • seeds

    Learn about different seed shapes and sizes and the importance of proper calibration of seed meters.

  • brush units

    Brush Units
    Kimberley explains the proper adjustments for seed meter brush units and when to replace worn units.

Make sure your equipment is ready for planting.

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