John Deere ExactEmerge

  • opening

    At the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show, John Deere unveiled its latest planter innovation: ExactEmerge. The revolutionary planter allows you to push planting speed to 10 mph. Maintaining accuracy at higher planting speeds is possible through the combination of innovative components and advanced technology. Click through the slideshow to see these new features.

  • brush belt

    Brush Belt Trench Delivery System
    The key to Deere’s new planter is the brush belt trench delivery system, which replaces the traditional seed tube. The brush belt picks up seed directly off the meter and delivers it about 2 inches above the bottom of the seed trench. The belt is driven by an electric meter that’s sole input is ground speed, so the motor makes sure that the tip of the brush is always going at the speed you’re traveling forward.

  • controller

    Controller on Every Row
    The delivery system works in conjunction with new electric-driven meters. Each row unit has a controller on board for processing the various inputs.

  • meters

    High-Performance Meters
    To maximize the potential of the brush belt system, John Deere developed a new seed disk. “Our solution is a bowl-shape meter. It’s not a disk anymore,” says Kelby Krueger. “The main reason this meter was developed was to hand off the seed to the brush belt delivery system and to be able to deliver singulation and population at higher speeds.”

  • row unit

    ExactEmerge Row Unit
    This illustration of the ExactEmerge row unit shows the placement of the brush belt delivery system and the high-performance meters. You can see that the seed is being released much closer to the trench than it is in a traditional delivery system.

  • powergen

    Power Generation System
    The all-electric drive planter is powered by the PowerGen system with 56 volts.

  • seedstar

    SeedStar 3 HP Monitoring System
    Due to the higher level of seed control, John Deere’s monitoring system has never been so accurate. The user-friendly monitor system features live data you can access without scrolling. Users can do preseason performance testing by running one meter at a time or the whole planter before the season starts.

Deere’s new planter boosts speed and seed placement accuracy to unprecedented levels.

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