#Plant15 Gone Wrong

  • Planting bloopers

    You know your field may be too wet, but you just can’t wait to plant. Maybe it’s mid-May. Maybe there are storm clouds on the horizon. Whatever the reason, you push into the field a little too soon and BOOM! You are stuck. For every farmer who has had one of those days, enjoy this slideshow with field prep, spraying, and planting bloopers.

  • Sinking into the soil

    Duals on the front axle and triples on the rear weren’t enough to keep this tractor from sinking into the soil. Hope she wasn’t too difficult to pull out, Elisa.

  • Whoops!

    “I don’t generally post these ‘whoops’ moments, but when I do, it looks like that!” shares Smith Family Farms from north central Indiana.

  • Frost boil

    “Oops…frost boil,” says Sean.

  • Found some moisture

    “Found some moisture,” says @levistenerson. You sure did!

  • Bad start to the day

    “Had a bad start to my day,” shares Jesse Myers. Hope the rest of the day was much more productive.

Sometimes planting goes smoothly and sometimes it goes like this…

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