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    In the past year or so we’ve seen dramatic advances in planter technology, including electric-driven meters, multi-hybrid planters, and the end of the seed tube. Click through the slideshow for a summary of these innovative planting products.

  • kinze 4900

    Kinze 4900
    More than a year ago, Kinze introduced the 4900 planter. The company claimed “99%+ accuracy at speeds from 2 to 8 mph”, which is a big claim in the planting industry. The high accuracy level is possible with Kinze’s new 4000 Series Vacuum Meters with electric drive. The first round of 4900 planters will hit fields this spring.


  • pp vdrive

    Precision Planting vDrive
    Shortly after the introduction of the Kinze 4900, Precision Planting launched its own meter with an electric drive system. Precision Planting’s vDrive system works on the company’s vSet meters. The system uses a 12-volt electric motor to individually control each row, as compared to Kinze’s 24-volt system.


  • jd exactemerge

    John Deere ExactEmerge
    Not to be outdone, this winter John Deere released a new planter with electric-driven meters. In addition to the meters, the John Deere ExactEmerge planter also replaced the traditional seed tube with a brush belt trench delivery system. This new component is part of what allows the planter to run accurately at up to 10 mph.


  • seedstar

    John Deere SeedStar Mobile
    In conjunction with the launch of the ExactEmerge planters, John Deere introduced SeedStar mobile to help producers better visualize, document, and access their planting data in real time. The new solution uses an iPad to provide critical planting information producers need to better monitor and document their planter performance in the field.

  • speedtube

    Precision Planting SpeedTube
    Precision Planting is also rethinking the seed tube but is taking a slightly different approach. The Precision Planting SpeedTube is a flighted belt that picks up seed from the disc and deposits it near the bottom of the seed trench. At this time, the SpeedTube is only a concept.


  • raven

    Raven OmniRow
    OmniRow is an integrated planting solution that can be retrofit and customized for your existing iron. In addition to variable rate population control, the system also has multi-hybrid functionality. Multi-hybrid planting allows you to switch between different seed hybrids on the fly and place each seed in the right regions according to conditions in your field.

  • kinze mh

    Kinze Multi-Hybrid Planter
    To help you optimize seed hybrids and increase yields, Kinze also announced an electric multi-hybrid concept planter. Multi-hybrid technology allows you to change the seed hybrid automatically as the planter moves across the field. This technology is possible with Kinze’s new 4000 series meters. The concept planter incorporates two meters for every row.

  • pp mh

    Precision Planting Multi-Hybrid
    Precision Planting is developing a retrofitable multi-hybrid metering system that uses the company’s vSet meters and the vDrive electric meter system. With the system, meters are positioned to fit within the existing row unit frame and deliver seed to a single, standard seed tube. No schedule for commercial release has been determined.


  • planter future

    Meet the Planter of the Future
    The number of technology advancements and mechanical solutions introduced during the past few years highlight the potential of this critical piece of iron. It also makes you wonder what the planter will look like in the next 5 to 10 years. With the help of industry experts, we took a stab at designing the planter of the future.


  • machinery show

    Machinery Show Special
    For an in-depth look at the newest planter technologies, watch this Machinery Show special on planters.

  • tune up

    Get Ready!
    And as planting season quickly approaches, don’t be caught off guard! Get ready for planting with these planter tune-up tips.

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