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Prepare for Increased Seed Handling

When you start planting faster, there are going to be other areas of your operation that will limit efficiency. One of these is seed handling. “With this machine eating up more acres per day, seed logistics does become more of a problem,” says Kelby Krueger, John Deere.

When riding with one farmer planting soybeans in a large field, Krueger said the farmer could empty the seed tanks before the next batch would get to the field.

This won’t always be an issue. It will depend on field location, size, and planting population. But it’s a good idea to see how many seed tenders you have and if it’s worthwhile to add another.

When you are running more seeds per second through each row unit, you also need to think about wear on parts and seed treatments. John Deere and Precision Planting recommend using a talc graphite mix. “The talc is able to coat the hoses and the seed to get the delivery of higher seeds per second to the meter,” explains Krueger. “Once at the meter, the graphite on the seed polishes the brush belt and keeps performance the same all the way through.”

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