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Update Planter Technology

When you switch to high-speed planting, you may want to update your technology. John Deere recommends MyJohnDeere and SeedStar mobile, while Precision Planting has 20/20 SeedSense and FieldView.

“One area to consider is how much information is coming at you as you plant at twice the speed,” says Jason Stoller, Precision Planting. “Being able to visualize that information – singulation, spacing, downforce, ride quality – becomes very critical.”

To save time in the spring, you may want to do a meter runoff before planting. This will help you learn where your monitor settings need to be for higher speeds.

This was one thing Jason Schildroth noted after trying the ExactEmerge planter on 40 acres. “I noticed when the crop came up that the rows had a little bit of an “S” to them,” he says. “Because I wasn’t in the tractor long enough, I didn’t take the time to verify that gain and sensitivity settings were up as high as they needed to be for that speed.”

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