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Watch Down Pressure Settings

You will need to keep an eye on your down pressure settings for high-speed planting. “If you lose ground contact in some areas, but also have issues with sidewall compaction, you will have to slow down because you are operating on both sides of the downforce spectrum,” advises Kelby Krueger, John Deere. “If you have all the ground contact you need, you could possibly speed up or you may be able to reduce down force and sidewall compaction. You try to operate in between those two characteristics.”

Down force is critical at any planting speed, but a responsive system becomes especially important at higher speeds as you cover ground more quickly. “Depth control is very important because that correlates to uniform emergence, which has the biggest impact on yield,” says Krueger.

All ExactEmerge planters come equipped with active pneumatic downforce to ensure that row units maintain the required ground contact. In the aftermarket, Precision Planting offers AirForce (active pneumatic downforce) and DeltaForce (active hydraulic downforce). “We really recommend DeltaForce for high-speed planting, as the row-by-row and instantaneous hydraulic response is the right match for speed,” says Jason Stoller, Precision Planting.

“If you buy SpeedTube, you must buy DeltaForce,” says Mark Fehr, a farmer who tested SpeedTube and strongly agrees that DeltaForce is a must. “Otherwise it will be a disaster.”

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