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2016 Apache Sprayers Boast Higher Horsepower

Apache’s 2016 self-propelled 30 series sprayers feature higher horsepower, more fuel-efficient engines as well as a sturdier boom rack and quieter cab.

The four-model lineup runs from 173 to 300 hp., powered by Cummins Tier 4 Final engines. Power is transferred to the ground by a powerful torque-converted mechanical drive transmission.

The AS730 has a 750-gallon tank, the AS1030 has a 1,000-gallon tank, and the largest models – the AS1230 and AS1230 XP – both have 1,200-gallon tanks. The models have a 5% to 20% fuel efficiency boost over the 20 series predecessors.

The Apache booms received a number of upgrades. A stronger boom rack better cushions boom arms, reducing wear and tear. Greaseless bushings eliminate 27 of the 32 boom rack and wing grease points, reducing maintenance. You can choose from standard steel booms at 80 to 100 feet in length or optional 120- or 132-foot aluminum Pommier booms.

The new models have been redesigned to be 6% quieter than the previous cabs. To further enhance comfort, the cabs include a control console, joystick, rearview camera, ISOBUS technology, two cruise control settings, and 360° visibility. Apache sprayers are available with Raven or Trimble precision application systems.

The 2016 models are equipped with straddle-mount rear axles, promoting smooth gear shifting and creating a more stable ride. The Apache sprayers are known for being lightweight with dry weights ranging from 19,200 to 21,000 pounds.

A relocated sight gauge makes it easier to see how much product is left from inside the cab.

The 2016 models come with a five-year limited warranty and range in price from $248,581 to $326,833.

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