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Complete Redesign for Hagie’s 2016 DTS Sprayers

If you walked past a Hagie DTS10 sprayer at a farm show this summer, you probably did a double take. These 1,000-gallon machines have been redesigned to incorporate the same design characteristics as the STS line. But the improvements go far beyond that.

“We carried over a lot of the features from the STS to the 2016 DTS models,” says Seth Harrison with Hagie. “This includes a larger cab and improved hydraulics. The goal was to give farmers the package of a smaller sprayer at a lower price with a lower weight.”

Hagie DTS

With a price tag ranging from $180,000 to $200,000 and a dry weight of 18,500 pounds, Hagie certainly accomplished this goal.

The Hagie DTS models still feature the trademarks of this line – a dual tank with a lower carrying weight and a 50/50 weight split when the boom is out. Plus the ability to get into crops later in season with 72 inches of underframe clearance.

New feature highlights
Accessibility and ease of maintenance were two key areas addressed with the redesign. All vital engine fluids are visible without opening the hood, and the platform on the sprayer allows easy access to all major areas. Fuel and rinse tanks have a visual gauge so you can tell the level from the ground. In addition, a center-mounted toolbox provides a convenient storage location.

Both the solution and rinse tanks are filled in the rear of the machine. A switch on the automatic folding ladder allows you to fill both tanks separately or simultaneously.

The DTS10 is available with 80- or 90-foot booms that are completely redesigned. Both booms fold at 60 feet to match planter widths and are available with Air Purge.

All sprayer operations are easily controlled from the ergonomic, application-specific cab, which is 35 cubic feet larger. You can choose between a factory-installed Raven or Ag Leader controller or a third-party control that will work with any precision ag system.

The redesigned chassis and solution tanks allow for larger 38-inch tires, providing a longer footprint to reduce compaction.

The DTS10 is powered by a Tier 3 6.7-liter Cummins engine that is rated at 215 hp.

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