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Deere’s new 4940 self-propelled sprayer

Building on many of the
popular features of its current 4930 Self-Propelled Sprayer, John Deere
introduces the 4940 Sprayer as its most advanced applicator for the 2011-2012
season. These new John Deere Sprayers come equipped with more integrated
technologies that make loading and applying material quicker, easier and more

To start, all 4940 Sprayers feature Direct Injection Ready, giving operators
the ability to maintain a clean solution tank, which makes it easier to change
between crops, load faster and carry up to 235 gallons of extra product. To
make spray applications more precise, the 120-ft. booms come in 11 independent
sections, more than any other sprayer, that can be turned on and off manually
or automatically with Swath Control Pro™. Units come with boom widths from 90
to 120 feet and are equipped with GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display for the most
advanced system control and field documentation.

The John Deere 4940 Sprayer is powered by a 340 horsepower 9.0 Liter Interim
Tier 4 PowerTech™ Plus Turbocharged engine with four-wheel hydrostatic drive
that can make dry applications up to 25 mph (20 mph for liquid applications)
and empty transport speeds of up 35 mph. In addition, the 1,200-gallon solution
tank has been redesigned to shift more weight forward for improved
front-to-back weight distribution, greater operational control and reduced

“Guided by customer input, we’ve made the new 4940 the smartest, most
productive, flexible and precise application system available from John Deere,”
says Kayla Reynolds, marketing manager, global application equipment. “With
proven technologies like LoadCommand™, operators can fill the 1,200-gallon tank
in as little as three minutes. This, along with the faster dry application
speeds, integrated Direct Injection, and improved weigh distribution, helps
producers and ag service providers spray more acres in less time and get the
best possible utilization of their sprayer assets.”

Other features of the 4940 Sprayer include 50-inch crop clearance; GreenStar™
CommandView™ Cab for exceptional operator visibility and comfort and new
cornerpost display that lets operators more easily see essential engine and
system information; 300 cubic-foot drybox spreader for three-season use
flexibility. All units come with JDLink™ service free for the first year,
allowing owners to better manage equipment logistics and performance in the

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