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Guard your crops

For more than 100 years, New
Holland has been serving the needs of farmers and ranchers across North
America. The company is continuing that long tradition with its latest
introduction: the Guardian sprayer.

“A sprayer is a critical
purchase because during the season, producers need total control in the timing
of their chemical applications,” says Miles Mackow of New Holland.

The models include four
front-boom sprayers with four-wheel hydrostatic drive and two rear-boom
sprayers with two-wheel mechanical drive.


Front-Boom Versions

The front-boom versions have
up to 365 hp. with a choice of tank sizes ranging up to 1,600 gallons and boom
widths up to 120 feet.

A 50-50 weight distribution
keeps wheels firmly on the ground for maximum traction and minimum compaction.
The high 6-foot ground clearance allows the sprayer to get into the field
throughout the entire growing season.

Hydraulic suspension
improves spraying accuracy, while at the same time, it provides a smooth ride
for the operator.

The four-wheel independent
suspension is hydraulically controlled and able to handle the toughest ground
conditions. This ensures better boom stability due to the 20 inches of
suspension travel on each wheel.

Well-equipped front-boom
models range from $270,000 to $335,000.

Rear-Boom Versions

The two rear-boom sprayers,
which are available in 240- and 275-hp. models, feature a heavy-duty frame and
axle construction.

The mechanical drive system
ensures better performance, higher productivity, improved fuel efficiency, and
lower operating costs.

Wide coverage and high
clearance allow you to spray large areas quickly with models that cover up to
120 feet with each pass and tanks that hold up to 1,200 gallons. Crop clearance
of up to 48 inches allows spraying late into the growing season.

Wraparound rear windows make
it easy to see the spray boom.

Rear-boom models range in
price from $210,000 to $285,000 for well-equipped versions.

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sprayers and other products from New Holland, visit

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