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Hagie, Fennig Offer Sprayer for Dry and Wet Application

Hagie Manufacturing is teaming up with Fennig Equipment to offer farmers a sprayer that acts as both a liquid product delivery system and a dry delivery system — the Hagie Commodity Delivery System (CDS). It uses a pressurized dry application system to perform full season dry fertilizer, nutrient, and cover crop inter-seeding applications.

The Hagie CDS, also known as the FE4R system from Fennig, rounds out the Cover Crop Interseeder (CCI) product line for the STS series sprayers by allowing farmers to apply denser seed mixtures at higher rates. With a one- to two-day installation, the CDS is compatible with 2007 and newer STS models. It has a 90-foot boom to apply cover crops and dry fertilizer with and also utilizes a stainless steel metering system and application-specific distribution towers. 


Farmers are able to use the CDS’s section-control meter and 140-cubic-foot pressurized tank to apply a variety of cover crop and dry fertilizer applications throughout the year. In client trials, Hagie has seen farmers experiencing a 20-acre-per-hour productivity increase when operating at 50% field efficiency using the CDS. 

“This large-capacity applicator is coupled with new precision options, making it a premier tool in cover crop application. Additionally, the ability to perform dry fertilizer application in standing crops leads to optimal machine utilization for the Hagie owner,” said Newt Lingenfelter, Hagie senior product manager. 

Air cylinders are able to hook in with precision-rate controllers to have sectional control during application.

For pricing information, call your local Hagie salesperson. Different installations cause prices to vary. 

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