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Increase Sprayer Productivity up to 82% with Spray Fill Xpress

A new patent-pending fill system, appropriately called Spray Fill Xpress, from Summers can increase sprayer productivity by a whopping 82%. A unique chemical batching process and 3-inch plumbing system allow you to reduce fill times from 30 minutes to less than seven.

“Spraying plays an extremely important role in modern farming practices,” says Brian Perkuhn, vice president of sales at Summers. “The Spray Fill Xpress allows farmers to cover more acres in a day and take better advantage of critical spray windows.”

Thanks to a modular design, the Spray Fill Xpress can be customized with three, four, five, or six stainless-steel tanks in 40- or 80-gallon capacities, putting the maximum capacity at 240 gallons. Chemicals in the tanks can be individually divided and remain in the Spray Fill until they are loaded into the sprayer, so you don’t have to premix chemicals.

Flow meters and scales provide precise measurements. The tanks are deep to reduce the chance of splash-back and have angled bottoms to ensure that the chemicals drain completely.

Spray Fill Xpress also allows you to quickly clean chemical jugs. Each tank has a jug rinse system, which doubles as a whole tank rinse when the lid is closed to speed up system-wide cleanup. An attached rinse wand assists with cleaning and can also be used for making a slurry during dry chemical induction.

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