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Self-Propelled Sprayer Has 79-Inch Ground Clearance

Agrifac has been supplying European farmers with high-quality farm equipment for 30 years, but only in the last three years has the company moved into the North American market. The company is offering a self-propelled sprayer that easily navigates through narrow rows and has the ability to clear tall crops – like corn – with minimal damage.

The Condor ClearancePlus can get anywhere from 51 to 79 inches of ground clearance, and it’s easily adjustable since the sprayer’s chassis is on a lift system.

“You’ll gain an additional 28 inches of clearance with one switch of a button in 20 seconds,” says Rob Blijdorp, head of Agrifac’s North American sales. 

With boom length options of 80 feet up to a whopping 170 feet, the Condor ClearancePlus has a wide reach. To eliminate the swing and uneasiness of the boom, a walking beam concept was used on the chassis. The oscillating StabiloPlus chassis on the sprayer keeps the boom more stable and steady.

The Condor ClearancePlus has a narrow wheel assembly of only 23.5 inches to keep crop damage to a minimum. The machines have adjustable track widths of 75 to 105 inches or 90 to 120 inches, depending on what the producer needs. 

With a 1,300-gallon tank, this sprayer is capable of handling plenty of ground before needing a refill. A smaller 1,050-gallon tank is also available. 

Similar to the Condor ClearancePlus but lacking the extra clearance, the Condor Endurance is also offered by Agrifac. This machine has a bigger (2,100-gallon) tank and booms extending 180 feet in length. 

Another option that’s available for farmers struggling with hilly or steep land is MountainMasterPlus. This is a gyroscope added to a ClearancePlus sprayer to control each wheel individually. This keeps the sprayer balanced and upright, uses less power, and does less damage to the crop.

Agrifac’s Condor ClearancePlus sprayers start at $350,000. The two Agrifac units that have been sold in the U.S. so far are both Condor ClearancePlus sprayers. In Canada, two Condor ClearancePlus machines have been sold, as well as six Condor Endurance sprayers.

For more information, visit the Agrifac website or contact Rob Blijdorp at

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