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Dawn Equipment Offering Complete Strip-Till Toolbar

For the first time, Dawn Equipment Company is offering a complete strip-till toolbar equipped with Dawn’s Pluribus strip-till units and a fertilizer application system. The toolbar increases uniformity of emergence and performs well in both spring and fall. 

“People really want to buy a comprehensive solution. They want to know that they can go to one point of contact for support after the sale,” said Joe Bassett, Dawn Equipment’s president and CEO. 

The toolbar was developed to work at a high speed with low power. Dawn engineers worked to produce a strip-till implement that would create a seedbed that’s easy for that planter to run right on top of.

Growers are typically running strip-till units about 3 to 4 inches deep in the soil, Bassett says. This toolbar can fit in with another deep tillage pass, and does a nice job of warming up the soil, getting the residue out of the way, and applying fertilizer. It can handle 6 ton and 9 ton granular systems as of now, but Bassett forecasts it being able to handle liquid applications at some point. 

“A strip till unit is a big investment for an end user and we’re looking at the whole life cycle of that product,” Bassett says of the resale value for growers when purchasing an all-encompassing toolbar rather than an attachment. 

The toolbar is available for purchase now in three sizes—PL30 (12 rows, 30 feet wide), PL40 (16 rows, 40 feet wide), and PL60 (24 rows, 60 feet wide). The PL30 is listed at $124,995, the PL40 at $150,995, and the PL60 at $197,995. 

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