Innovations to AGCO's Sunflower

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    Sunflower 6631 and 1436 Series

    AGCO introduces seven new models to the new 6631 line along with the new 1436 Series disc harrow. The new innovations in AGCO's tillage equipment are certainly something to keep an eye on. Click through to find out more about these new products!

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    Sunflower 6631 Series

    The 6631 features many of the Sunflower's proven design features, but this time a new three-section model offered 22 degrees of wing flex, 10 up and 12 down, to hug uneven fields. In addition, frames ride on heavy-duty walking tandems that float over uneven field surfaces.

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    Saber Blade

    The 6631 feature the exclusive Saber Blade. The blades feature an innovative edge that fluted the full cutting depth of the blade, designed to stay sharp and cut residue with ease long before the blade becomes dull. Each blade has 25 flutes and the serrated edge works like no standard blade can.

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    Rugged Frame

    The tough, durable mainframe has the strength that demands of tough tillage conditions. Low-maintenance features include ultra-high molecular-weight plastic bearings and bushings throughout the machine's lift and fold systems to eliminate metal-to-metal contact.

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    Sunflower 1436

    The 1436 Series brings industry-leading implement weight and weight per ground-engaging blade, along with an aggressive 20-degree overlapping front-disc angle and full-concavity disc blades to handle heavy residue.

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    All-welded frame

    The undercarriage of the 1436's all-welded frame is designed to compliment the machine's increased ground-holding weight with bigger walking-tandem mounted eight-bolt-hum wheels, as well as larger spindles.

Check out the new features in AGCO's 1631 and 1436 Series!

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